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Taking a Break to Reorganize

Well, after all the changes that have been happening over the past few weeks, over the weekend, it finally became clear to me that I need to get a new desktop computer. It had been having problems so I took it in and didn’t have a computer for four days so couldn’t write this week’s posts. And at the end of all that they couldn’t even diagnose the problem. So now it’s get a new computer and transfer all the data and reorganize everything.

So I’m going to take this opportunity for a few weeks of reorganization to set things up for a new phase of production for Lifely.

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Protecting Your Health in Our Soon-To-Be Post-Covid World

If all goes as planned, here in California we will have full reopening of everything on June 15, after a year of living with covid restraints.

It’s still unclear if and what restraints there will be and for who, but my concern as a individual and a writer is how to live in this post-covid environment.

Larry is now fully vaccinated. Last week he had his second shot and basically spent all week in bed with pain at the site and complete exhaustion. But he’s fine now. I have not been vaccinated and do not plan to get the vaccination.

I just wanted to share with you what we will be doing to continue to protect our health from covid and other possible viruses and contagious illnesses.

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Life Without A Car

Last week in SHIFT: Setting Up For Success I told a story I about how we came to be without a car.

On Thursday morning, Larry and I went out to the car to go do an errand and it wouldn’t start. This is now the second time our Prius has not started just out of the blue. This had just happened a couple of months ago (see Small Town, Big Help). Now we had no car.
On Friday Larry decided to ask his sister if he could borrow her car. Now this car had just been sitting there for two years not being driven because it needed to be registered and smogged. So we took the car down to the DMV and paid the back registration and late fees and took it to get the smog test, but it wouldn’t pass! It was 4:00 on Friday afternoon and no smog tests are open over the weekend, so we couldn’t drive that car either.

As it turned out, on Monday we also couldn’t get the car smogged and it needs some kind of unknown repair.

So now we were really left without a car, except to borrow a car from other family members, which doesn’t solve the problem of us not having a car.

We have been without a car now for more than a week. While at first it was difficult because we live in a rural area without public transportation, taxis or Uber, we actually have learned a few useful things from this experience.

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Organic Cotton Clothing Colored With Food-Waste Vegetable Dyes

I found this link to Groceries Apparel on Obakki. They make exclusive apparel for Obakki in addition to their own designs.

What I love most about Groceries Apparel is that they make 100% organic cotton clothing for men and women dyed with vegetable dyes make from food waste! And you can find clothing by food ingredient! Carrot tops, weld flowers, pomegranate, and I’m sure more to come. This is brilliants. And the colors are bright and vibrant.

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Slow Design With Artisan Handcrafts From Around the World

Source: Obakki

I found the link to Obakki on Remodelista and clicked through.
While there are many artisans and many handcrafters in the world, this website has done an exceptional job of bringing them together and making a lifestyle of what they call “slow design.”
We’ve connected with artisan groups from around the globe to preserve and honour traditional artistry, and we love the idea of limited edition, small-batch homewares that can be admired for a very long time.

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Gardenista + Remodelista

Gardenista and Remodelita are two intertwined blogs that share the theme of “considered living.” While I haven’t seen a definition of this term, what I glean from these blogs are to consider design, beauty, nature, and ethics in every aspect of your home.

I first subscribed to the Gardenista newsletter probably when it started in 2012. It’s “the definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces” but much more. If style was their only interest, I wouldn’t open almost every daily newsletter. But this “team of garden obsessives with a mission to demystify outdoor design” wants to create “well-loved and well lived-in landscape.” Garden to them is not a place to admire from afar, but a place in which to live. I love them because not only do they know what they are doing with design, but they also have this underlying aspect that agrees with us, like kitchen gardens, artisan-made wares, and design within the ecosystem instead of bulldozing what is natural and replacing it with industrial plantings. Though I don’t always agree with them, we are close enough in philosophy that I never tire of seeing what it new with them.

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Living in the Natural Order of Things

On Saturday morning, when our car that needed repair wouldn’t start, Larry and I rode down the hill into town on our tandem bike to buy food and do other errands.

One of our stops was a local supermarket that has a pharmacy where Larry gets his prescriptions filled.

They also make fresh sushi there, including a vegetable roll that I love. I like to buy one roll and take it home and arrange all the pieces on top of a bowl of brown rice and have that for lunch.

While Larry was getting his prescription filled, I was just walking around the store, wanting to buy sushi but wondering how I was going to get it home in a backpack on a hot day.

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How To Solve Any Problem

problem: a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome

I have observed that there are many problems in life. There are problems in our own lives, in the lives of people around us, in businesses we deal with, in our communities, and in the world.

And I have also observed that many problems are tolerated and allowed to continue simply because we don’t know what a problem is or what we can do to solve them.

Back in 2019, I had a realization about problems…

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SHIFT: Setting Up For Success

When I have big shifts happen in my life, I like to write about them here because we are living in a time where big shifts need to happen and I want to show that even though there are times when it seems like the sky is falling and we are on a roller coaster ride, in fact, we are making forward progress to something better.

And this is why I don’t even try to have a regular schedule for this blog because when these things happen, I just need to give them priority as movements of life—like earthquakes and hurricanes—and not try fight them because of a schedule.

The big intentional change I made that put this shift in motion was I decided to really learn to be a publisher of books.

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My Favorite Water Filter Brings Tap Water Closer to Water in Nature

On this blog we’ve been talking about whole food, so I thought we should also look at the idea of whole water.

Just like industrial food does not contain all the nutrients and other aliveness factors that make wholefood so enlivening, so too does industrial water—from the tap or the bottle—not contain the minerals, oxygen, and other factors present in the water found in natural ecosystems.

Tap and bottled water does contain nutrients that are naturally occurring minerals/electrolytes, but the problem is, they are mixed with contaminants. Improperly water treatment techniques (reverse osmosis, distillation, de-ionization) strip the nutrients out.

The difference between wholewater and tap water is astonishing. The first time I drank water from a spring I was amazed at the difference. The first time I submerged my body in a natural body of water, I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to soak that water into my body for hours. This happened on the Caribbean Island of Domenica, lying in one of a set of cascading pools with fresh water continuously pouring in from the pool above, in a jungle, at a location where I had been take by a guide. Very unspoiled environment.

Having had these experience with wholewater as Nature provides it, processed and treated industrial tap water, whose primary concern is that it be free of bacteria, is hardly the same.

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Welcome to Lifely!

Quite simply, this blog is about orienting ourselves and our lives to Life, instead of orienting ourselves and our lives to industrial consumerism. Here we are sharing our own journey. You come too. Read more...

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