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A Huge Shift

Debra Redalia


For several months I have been working intensively on The Lifely Group website, which will provide the background information on our lifely viewpoint. About a month ago I was closing in on being ready to go live with The Lifely Group website, but then just as I was about to work on it for a week and finish it up, there was the fire and evacuation and other obstacles came up.

Then on 6 November, I just felt like my life was stalled. It wasn’t that nothing was happening, it was that it seemed like everything I was doing had stopped. At sea, this is called the “doldrums”—areas of the ocean where the winds are calm and you just can’t get your boat moving. There is a path you are moving on to get from one place to another, but at the moment you are just sitting there wondering how to get things going.

So I decided that I was going to get all the doldrums moving. As I made a list and started working on them one by one, everything started moving. And then suddenly I had a big shift—no, a huge shift—that was entirely unexpected.

But before I tell you about the shift, I need to tell you what happened the day before the shift.

That day, Larry and I decided to go to Armstrong Redwoods to take a walk and breathe the oxygen created by the trees. We planned to leave at 4:00, but at 3:45 we decided it was time to leave. This would give us a little more time for our walk before it got dark around 5:00.

So we started driving to the redwoods on a winding road that runs along the Russian River. We have driven this road many times at all hours of the day and evening.

As we were approaching a curve, suddenly an ambulance came zooming around the curve in our lane, coming head-on towards us. Larry slammed on the brakes, just at the right moment so the ambulance could swerve into its own proper lane and pass us. Had Larry not had the awareness of the ambulance, you would not be reading this because my body would not be here to tap the keys on the keyboard.

I specifically wrote “had Larry not had the awareness of the ambulance” and not “had Larry seen the ambulance” because he didn’t see it with his physical eyes, he became aware of it with his awareness. Larry actually has an incredibly wider field of awareness around him that I started noticing when I first met him 32 years ago. It extends around his body much further than my awareness extends. And so just as you or I might be aware of the cars next to our car on the road, Larry was aware of the ambulance around the curve—that he couldn't see with his physical eyes—and therefore could slam on the brakes in that split second before the ambulance came around the curve. His ability to do this saved our lives. We were not hurt or shaken in any way. I just admired Larry's ability to take us out of harm's way.

The following morning, this was now 15 November, I woke up with a feeling that a shift had occurred. The first definition of shift is “to exchange for or replace by another.” And that’s just what it felt like—that my life as it had been before had now been replaced by another. I had made a leap out of my old life and into a new life. I was still myself, it was the details of my life that had changed.

Some of these changes had been coming on, but after the evacuation from the fire and then coming home and setting up my life anew, it’s not been about putting my life back the way it was before but about creating my new life on a new foundation.

Suddenly I just started becoming aware of things that weren’t working and needed to be changed, and also I just became interested in new subjects or changed the way I was doing things.

Here are some of the things that have happened in the last 10 days.

* I realized some things weren’t working with a woman who is helping me with a project, so I talked with her and we changed our direction to be more aligned with both our needs.

* Larry and I were able to see more clearly the family dynamics in our household and—without mentioning anything to anybody—there was a dramatic shift in the household in the direction we wanted it to go. We were able to see that everyone in the family had things to learn—including us—about how we could function better together as a family.

* I became ready to finish the setup of all The Lifely Group websites and within a few days was able to finish and go live with our Tiny House Toxic Free website. I’ve also scheduled completions of all The Lifely Group websites by 6 January. The problems I was running into with design and production just disappeared as I worked on the website setup bit by bit. As I took each step, it immediately became clear what to do next. I started working with the intention to “complete” rather than simply to “work on."

* I felt ready to take responsibility on a whole new level.

* I felt a whole new level of confidence in what we are doing with Llfely.

* All the delays disappeared from a project I’ve been trying to start for three months.

* The way I eat completely changed. I’m choosing different foods—wanting even healthier foods and not wanting unhealthy foods at all (not resisting them, just having no interest in them). I’m also improving my food production so I can regularly and reliably prepare most of the food I eat at home. I’m learning how to prepare foods in new ways and just getting interested and excited about healthy food on a whole new level. And the food I prepare is even more deliciious than it was before, I just seem to know what to do with the food and it tastes so delicious!

* I actually want to exercise rather than having to discipline myself to exercise. I’m actually enjoying it on a new level and wanting to really understand my body and how it moves.

* I’m suddenly interested in government and how it works and my responsibilities and privileges as a citizen. For the first time in my life.

* New information about communication came to us which Larry and i have been studying. We know a lot about communication but this is making us aware of how we and others communicate on a whole new level.

* We went to a storytelling event and want to get back to honing our storytelling skills. This is something we’ve been looking for for a while, and suddenly we found a storytelling group we’re going to go check out.

* We’re bringing more order around the house.

* I’m wanting to take the next step to further reduce the amount physical belongs I have. Even though I’ve been doing this gradually over time, it now feels like I don’t want or need so many things. I just don’t want them. I want my home to be simple, uncluttered and useful. I want what I need to support my life, and nothing superfluous.

* I’m becoming aware of new aspects of myself I couldn’t see before. One of them is my feelings. Not that I had no feelings, but I realized I couldn’t identify my feelings and explain them in words to another person. I looked at a list of about 100 words that described feelings and realized I couldn’t describe or demonstrate many of those feelings. So a whole new realm of possibility about understanding feelings opened up.

* I had many new realizations about the nature of spiritual beings.

* While getting my teeth cleaned, I suddenly felt a deep love for my teeth! Deep love, like I appreciated them and wanted to take care of them. This love then extended to my whole body and then to love the Earth as a whole and every part of it, And to see myself as interconnected with the Whole in everything I do.

* My sleep pattern has changed. I’m now sleeping through the night and able to wake up early in the morning and write while the world around me is quiet. This gives me alone time which is difficult to come by when living with four other adults. But also, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I just get up and work. I don't have so much attention on the industrial sleep pattern (and trying to "solve" the "problem" of "not sleeping") and just sleep when my body is sleepy and do creative work when my body is awake. (Isaac Newton slept only three hours each night and lived to be 85.)

* I feel a new inner strength as a being and in my body. Strength being capacity for exertion or endurance, power to resist outside forces (if I want to), power of resisting attack, a higher degree of potency or intensity, and vigor of expression. Wow. I looked up strength in the dictionary and discovered all these aspects of strength I could practice.

* I read a whole book about Isaac Newton, and am now really interested in solving the mystery of how and when and where we lost our awareness that the Earth is alive. It wasn’t Isaac Newton. Though he discovered that there were laws of motion that were physical laws, he did not conclude that God was unnecessary. Indeed his viewpoint was that there was a spiritual power that puts life in motion and regulates life. I want to know what happened that we lost that wisdom and now need to restore it.

* I feel a sense of having much more time available to do things, rather than not enough time and pressed for time.

* I feel generally happy and at peace most of the time, even when things are chaotic in the environment around me.

In short, I found myself wanting to go to a deeper level in every area of my life. I even wanted to go beyond understanding words down to learning about the origins and meaning of the alphabet (click here if you want to know)!

And I also realized that what was happening was that i truly was shifting from my old life orientation to a new life orientation.

Looking at this shift, I realized that there was a pattern to it. First, there was a change in awareness, then a gathering of information, and then a shift in what I was doing in the physical world. And this seems to be another law of life: awareness>information>action, in that order.

You have to first be aware that something exists before you can gather information about it. And you have to gather information about something before you can do the actions.

I could see I had been getting impatient about wanting all my lifely websites to be established. But I needed time to get all the information I needed and learn how to do the actions. And it’s the same pattern with anything you want to learn.

I wanted to tell you all this because we have a big subject here with Lifely. There is a lot to become aware of. There is a lot of information to learn. There are a lot of actions we need to do to uplift our lives and the world to be more self-determined and sustainable. But all these things we need to learn and understand are the foundations of then making life and lifestyle changes that will actually support and sustain all of life. Awareness, information, action and..shift happens.


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