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A Lifely Alternative to the Ubiquitous Plexiglas Covid Shield

Debra Redalia

Farmhouse Mercantile in Boonville, California repurposed an old window for a covid shield over a repurposed desk.

This post is part of Larry’s Spectacular Birthday Trip:

While driving to Westport for Larry’s birthday, we took a shorter inland route going north rather than driving slower Highway 1 both ways.

Highway 128 is very scenic with many vineyards.

I wanted to go that route because there is a store in the town of Boonvile that I love called Farmhouse Mercantile. They don’t sell online, but they might ship. Their purpose is to sell to their locals and to the weekend tourists who are wine tasting.

They describe their store as:

a general store.

a resource for mostly useful things for the home/homestead/body, ever-changing and evolving with our lives.

a gathering place for the product of local talent applied to abundant natural resources as well as repurposed materials.

also following the tradition of a few luxuries from all over the world in appreciation of the history, craftsmanship and labor of many hands.

The store its all about everyday items you use at home, but each one is unique or traditional or artful. Natural, repurposed, traditional, beautiful…almost everything in the store could qualify as being lifely in some way or another.

But the reason I am writing this post is because when I walked up to the register to make my purchase, the covid shield wasn’t plexiglas…it was an old glass window. The owner found it in her barn and brought it into the store, in all its cracked paint glory. This is so lifely! I cringe when I see all those plexiglas covid guards. This window worked perfectly to serve the intended purple. And it was beautiful.

The world is full of things that can be reclaimed and perused for it’s original purpose or another one. Seeing this window being used as a covid guard just made my day.

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