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A Quantum Leap for Lifely

Debra Redalia


Bloggers like me are advised to create a “content schedule” where you plan out far in advance what you will write about on specific dates in the future. I have always found that difficult to do, but after returning from my road trip to Portland a couple of weeks ago I wrote out a whole plan of subjects I wanted to write about inspired by that trip.

But then a quantum leap occurred over the weekend that blew that plan to pieces. I will get back to those subjects, I promise, but today I want to tell you what happened.

Change is an interesting subject. It’s actually a transformation that starts at one point and ends at another and in between there can be changes small or large that happen quickly or over time so long they are hardly perceptible. And then there are changes that happen so fast it’s like I’ve been picked up and put down in a different place with such speed and magnitude it can only be called a quantum leap. [Read more about quantum leaps]

Here’s what happened.

Five weeks ago today, I left my 40 years of work recommending nontoxic products and started this Lifely blog. Three weeks ago I took a week off and went on a road trip. Two weeks ago I returned. So I’ve only been doing this activity for five weeks and consider that I am still in the phase of setting things up and getting going.

On Saturday morning, Larry and I were driving out to do some errands and I told him that the biggest difficulty I have always had with my work was marketing and sales. I remembered a time when I was so frustrated about this that I didn’t even want to write any more because I felt like I didn’t know how to make my work known and have it produce income. I said to Larry that I really just wanted to do my creative work and have someone else to the marketing and sales. Or at least have someone who could advise me who knew how to do this.

We went to do our first errand and as we were driving along Main Street of our downtown we noticed there was a street fair being set up. We decided to return to the fair after we had done our errands.

When we returned we chose to start at a certain point and then walk around back to where we had parked our car. Along the way we stopped to look at things, I bought a book.

And then, as we were walking past a table I wasn’t even looking at, I heard a voice say, “Would you like something to drink? We have some water with basil and strawberries.”

I like basil and strawberries, so I stopped and accepted the offer of water. Of course, they were offering the water so I would stop and they could talk to me about what they were selling. It was a program where you could get discounts on local products and services related to self-care for health. I filled out the mailing list card and casually said, “Oh, you might be interested in what I’m doing. We should talk.” I don’t usually do that, but it just felt like there might be an opportunity to promote my work with whatever they were doing.

The woman behind the table agreed and gave me her contact information as well, on a slip of paper. And Larry and I walked on and continued to explore the fair.

When we got home, about two hours later, I began to write in my journal about meeting this woman. In the middle of writing the first sentence, as I was writing her name, she called. She said, “I know I’m calling you very soon, but I’m going out-of-town on Tuesday and I’’m really interested in talking with you. Can we meet this afternoon or tomorrow morning?” She knew nothing about me except my name and contact information.

So Larry and I met her the following morning. Her sister, who she works with arrived soon after. We all talked for two hours, then took a break so Larry and I could go to the farm market, then met again and talked for another two hours. By the end we had agreed to work together.

These sisters are twins. One does marketing and the other does sales and they had only recently decided to work together to create a new project to support women with spirituality and health. So they were just at a point where they were looking for the right experts to make available to their clients through this new program. Between them, they had exactly the skills I have been missing and I had the exact knowledge and skills their program was missing.

These sisters are on a very similar level of spiritual understanding as Larry and I so we all understood each other easily. They had decided that they wanted to meet and work with more people like themselves and we had also made that same decision.

The sister who called to me on the street with the offer of water was also an author and editor and had been very involved in book marketing and promotion and working with book buyers for major publishers and bookstores. She knows how to market books. She had put together several anthologies on various subjects related to consciousness, so knows and had worked with most of the major authors in the field of new science and spirituality. So she not only had the marketing background, she could understand my message and could help me formulate it in a way that could be understood by the public.

And we also had a list of other subjects in common.

Talking with them, we were able to take my big picture and narrow it down to what we could work on first that could get income going for me as quickly as possible, which turned out to be to get clients for me for spiritual consulting. But even before that point, while I was telling them my background with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and how I recovered by eliminating toxic products and then turned that into helping others, a woman who had walked into the tea house where we were meeting interrupted us and said she had overheard what I was saying and she has MCS and could I help her? I hadn’t even started marketing and a client literally walked right into my space and heard me talking about her problem right at that moment.

So here I am, five weeks into my new project, and the perfect marketing and sales people for me show up, right when I am ready for them. Where before I had a concept, I now have focus and support to produce what needs to be done to turn this into information, products, and services that will not only help people improve their individual lives and the world at large, but will also support me so I can continue to do and expand my work.

We signed a contract to work together at about 11:30 yesterday.

At about 1:30 I suddenly remembered where I might find some information I thought I had lost. Years ago I used to send out a daily quote on the subject of spirit or nature, called Words of Wisdom. These quotes were very much loved by those who received them. After some years I stopped sending them out because I was “streamlining” my activities to focus only on nontoxic products.

I had about two thousand quotes. In order not to lose them, I had someone paste them in to a website I was planning, but never launched. When the domain name expired I gave it up, forgetting the quotes were there. A few months ago I had called my website host and asked if they still had the database for this website. They said yes, but when we looked in it, it was empty. But yesterday I thought, maybe there was a backup.

So I called and there was no backup. But the technician found a database with a similar name. Not exactly the name i had asked for, but it contained key words that were the same. And when we opened that database, we found all my lost quotations.

So now not only will I be able to send them out again as a daily quote in an email, but I can put them on a website that will function as both inspiration and marketing for Lifely.

I’m telling you all this as an example of how Life works. Life is constantly working to bring people together who match and support projects that are life-supporting. That this has occurred so quickly and easily is an indicator to us we’re on the right track. Life is with us, or rather we should say, we are with Life.

Welcome to Lifely!

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