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About Us

Debra Redalia

I was a normal American consumer unit 1978 when at age 23 my body and mind were severely affected by toxic chemicals I was exposed to in my home. When I learned these exposures to toxic chemicals were from everyday consumer products, I began to research and find products that were not toxic. 40 years toxics as Debra Lynn Dadd.

Learning about toxics made me want to find a better way to live outside of industrial viewpoint. 1987 that nature was a much better job and I vowed to learn how to “live in harmony with nature” and write about it. Immediately Larry appeared and we’ve been together since, prodding each other to move forward on this path—celebrating discoveries and accomplishments and helping each other through the confusions and difficulties. But it has all been worth it because we now have an understanding that is workable to solve problems and improve life for each of us living things.

Larry Redalia

I have always preferred to be outdoors in a tree rather than sitting in an office. Even as a boy I would come home from school and head for the hills behind my house for long hikes. More often than not I would come home with frogs and snakes and lizards and even kittens, so my interest was always in the natural world. About 98% of the work I’ve done has been outdoors in trees and gardens.

When I met Debra—who was living alone in a cabin in the woods at the time—I felt a shared affinity and immense curiosity in a practical understanding of life. Like me, she wanted to know how life worked, what made it tick, and what natural laws we could apply in our individual lives to participate in the whole of life.

What an adventure it continues to be every day as we create our lives together in the circle of life.

Welcome to Lifely!

Quite simply, this blog is about orienting ourselves and our lives to Life, instead of orienting ourselves and our lives to industrial consumerism. Here we are sharing our own journey. You come too. Read more...

Debra & Larry Redalia
lifepartners + soulmates

For more than 30 years we have been delving into the nature and activities of life together. Indeed, this has been and continues to be the very reason we are together. With delight, we research, explore, observe, and even wake each other up in the middle of the night to discuss how life functions and how we can function as life—even while living in the modern world. We each are different from the norm, but we are different in the same way, so we have been able to think outside of the ordinary together and find the extraordinary workings of life.

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