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Abundance at the Beach

Debra Redalia

Whole, intact California Moon Shell that Larry found lying on the beach. To find one of these is very unusual.

After our dramatic transformation as a result of spending two whole weeks living in an intact ecosystem near the Pacific Ocean, Larry and I made a decision to spend every Friday at a local beach we like. We’ve been going there off and on over the past few months to be in a different environment and breathe the clean oxygenated air while we work on a book project we’re in the middle of, so it just felt right to schedule every Friday at the beach.

This beach is very different from the one we had been spending time at during those two weeks away. There, the beach was very rugged with crashing waves. Though it is right near the mighty Pacific Ocean, it is in a little bay, protected from the pounding surf to the west by a wall of hills. So we get the very clean air, but quiet water. There’s aa sandy beach with waves lapping at our toes. People bring their boats and kayaks out to fish. Right now it’s crab season, so we see crab cages hoping to catch the prized Dungeness crabs.

On Friday, the weather was cold and grey and rain was in the forecast, but it wasn’t raining at the moment so we headed out to the beach. When we arrived, it was apparent there had been quite a storm there the previous night because the beach was covered with piles of seaweed.

We parked our car and worked on our book and then decided to take a walk.

As we were walking, we noticed that a boat was coming up from the beach on a path we had never seen before. Since I broke my kneecap, it had been difficult for me to climb down the rocky paths, but all of a sudden, here was a sandy path for boats with a gently incline. The only way we could see it was because a boat was coming up the path. We had walked that way many times before and didn’t see this path.

So we walked down this path that magically opened up at our feet and began to walk between the piles of seaweed.

All of a sudden Larry saw a shell in the seaweed. It was a snail shell. We have seen these many times, but when we pick them up, there is no shell below, only the broken spiral at the top. But today, the whole intact shell was there, measuring about six inches across! In all our years going to the beach neither of us had ever found a shell of this beauty and size.

As we continued down the beach, Larry suddenly started seeing whole clam shells and when he picked them up, there were live clams inside. We end up with seven live clams! Ordinarily you have to dig these out of the sand. But on this day, they were just strewn on the beach in plain site!

We decided to take these clams home and make clam chowder. Read about our clam chowder adventure here

It was a wonderful experience for us to just go out in Nature and literally have food at our feet. We didn’t have to fish or dig—it was just there for us to pick up and take home and eat.

Earth really is an abundant ecosystem that can provide for our needs.

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