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Affiliate Products & Policy

Some of the posts on this Lifely blog contain affiliate links or buttons.  

If you click on them and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.  

I only recommend products that I have researched and determined to be on The Lifely Continuum of Products.  

I do not recommend any product that I would not buy for myself if I were purchasing that type of product. Many of my affiliate products I have been using and recommending for years with positive feedback from my readers. These are some of my favorite products, and I always explain why I have chosen them.

Affiliate terms or payments are not part of the decision-making process when I am considering whether or not to recommend a product. I recommend products based on product criteria. Affiliate payments are secondary.
The purpose of Lifely is to provide free content and resources that will help you move out of the industrial consumer complex and enjoy a life more oriented to Life itself.  
Any purchases you make through the affiliate links help keep this information available and free to all.
Your purchases made through our affiliate links are greatly appreciated!