Small Town, Big Help

Debra and I have been housesitting up on the rugged Northern California coast since the beginning of last week. It is very remote with only a general store, so those who live there periodically have to drive over the mountain to Eureka for supplies.

Near Eureka is a small rural town called Ferndale, which has a well-preserved four-block Victorian downtown with shops and restaurants.

We decided to drive to Ferndale to get some hand-forged iron hardware for our tiny house and have lunch, then spend the afternoon exploring Eureka, and drive home before dark.

We went to Ferndale, driving our 2005 hybrid Prius over the famous Ferndale Bridge, through the farmlands and into town. We went to the blacksmith shop, bought some wall hooks, and stopped for lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

After an excellent meal, we went to the car to continue our drive to Eureka for some shopping for the week.

But the car wouldn’t start. This was odd because it had been running perfectly. In fact we had been commenting to each other on how well the car had been running.


Spring Cleaning Delux

Just a couple days ago I saw an example of a spring cleaning that really impressed me.

It was not on TV or on my computer or my phone.

It was in our yard under a beautiful pink flowering crabapple tree.

Under this beautiful tree we have a concrete birdbath set up on a pedestal. It has been raining off and on for several days, so the birdbath was full of fresh pure rainwater. The rains had also knocked down a great many gorgeous pink flower petals some of which were floating in the water of the birdbath.