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Beach Art

Debra Redalia


On the day before Thanksgiving, Larry and I were walking along the beach down the hill from our house when we noticed a man and a woman building a tower of rocks and then taking photographs of it.

We walked over and applauded to acknowledge their work and they smiled and waved. They invited us to take photos too, if we wanted to.

Further down the beach we found another arrangement of rocks in front of a spectacular piece of driftwood.

We loved that two humans came along and picked up natural materials that were in the ecosystem at random and brought order to them that became art.

And when the tide comes in the water will take down the human order and send the pieces back to their random spots in the ecosystem.

This is the effect we humans should have on the ecosystem. As we pass through a place, we should bring our creativity to make functional art, which can then return to the ecosystem when its function is complete.

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