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Being Alive

Debra Redalia

Being alive is about doing things that contribute to life.

After almost two months of lying in bed doing very little other than keeping my broken knee from bending, reading, and thinking, today I am noticing feeling alive again.

What that means for me is wanting to actually DO things again. I am wanting to create and communicate with the world, rather than be in my own inner world of focusing on body repair.

I’m mentioning this because there is a definable state of aliveness.

When I was looking for an image for this post I searched on “aliveness” and found things like healthcare organizations just helping people keep their bodies alive (which is needed, of course) but there is more.

At a very basic level, aliveness has to do with a human body or other lifeforms being alive. And that is a simple matter of the life-giving spirit entering the physical form, which gives it the ability to perform the physical functions that sustain aliveness. When the spirit leaves the form, do the physical functions cease.

My body has been alive these past two months, but I have not. The difference is that while my body was working away healing my kneecap, I wasn’t creating anything. I wasn’t communicating with anyone except Larry and our immediate family.

But today I am coming alive. I’m more interested in doing things than lying in bed. I want to make my own lunch instead of having Larry make it for me. I want to DO the things of my life.

Ahhhhh! This feels great!

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