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Buying Half-Barrels on the Roadside

Debra Redalia

We’ve been gardening in half-barrels last year and this year because there are many gophers where we currently live and they eat almost anything planted in the ground.

These barrels are working just wonderfully. Placed on cinderblocks for drainage, they come to just the right height for harvesting without bending over too far.

In addition to being useful, efficient, and attractive, they also are a perfect example of a lifely law: use materials that are close at hand, in your immediate area. And another lifely law: use everything as many times and in as many different ways as you can before you recycle it.

Well, these half barrels qualify for both these laws. We live in the world-famous Napa-Sonoma-Mendocino wine country, so these discarded wine barrels were literally from wineries right down the road. They are good, solid oak that will last many years, and we’re putting them to a second use. And they are beautful. These are stained purple on the inside from red wine.

We could have purchased them from our local old-fashioned hardware store (and we have) for $39 a piece, or $29 on sale. We paid $20 each for these, delivered to our garden.

I love that the discards of a local winery become planters in the gardens of their community.

A perfect example of getting what one needs without using the industrial or consumer loop.

This is what happens when you get out in your community and keep your eyes open to see what’s there. 🙂

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