Moving Forward Toward a Lifely Way of Life

Natural-Built Tiny House Incorporates Biophilic Design And A Living Roof Watch this for one example of what living lifely might be. Watching the video is making me smile and laugh and clap my hands :-)

After writing posts about lifely products last week, it occurred to me that I should also write about about what what we mean when we say we are moving forward to “A Lifelstyle Based in Life”

Our underlying directive is to be “oriented to Nature.” To us, this means that Nature is the center of our lives and our intent is to understand Nature and live by its ways as part of the whole of Life, just like every other species.

We are, after all, a species of Nature—Homo sapiens—not industrial consumers. As they say, “When in Rome do as the Romans do,” so therefore, being of Nature, we should do as Nature does, not as materialistic industrialists dictate.