The Integration of Human and Nature—The Gardens at Les Quatre Vents

Two nights ago Larry and I found and watched the documentary The Gardener on Amazon Prime. It was just a perfect example of what Lifely is all about.

Single-handedly, this man envisioned and installed a number of intertwined gardens integrated into the natural ecosystem where he lived, enhancing the beauty and functionality of the place instead of damaging it.

The creator, Francis Higginson Cabot loved gardens and had the advantage of inheriting the land and wealth with which he could create whatever he could imagine. But that’s not the point. Anything he did can be done on a small scale any place by anyone.

It is clear to me that the problem with industrialization is that is based in materialism, which has no soul. And so industrialized man can only think in terms of the material. But Mr. Cabot clearly is living as a soul, bringing his creativity to enhance the ecosystem in which he lives, exalting it and making it more beautiful in every direction.

Preparing Our Garden for Planting

One aspect f lifely products is to make them yourself. In fact, to make the stuff of everyday life from materials obtained in your own ecosystem is the most preferable way to get whatever you need for your life. That was the way it was done for millennia before industrialization.

By making what we need ourselves, we have complete control over the design, the materials and the methods us to make it, and we are in direct contact and interaction with Nature, in which we dwell.

Larry and I spent this past weekend clearing away the remains of last year’s garden and the weeds that had grown over the winter, in preparation for planting our new garden.

How Our Human Bodies Are Like Gardens

In our ongoing exploration of the industrial world and the world of Life, we find that there are certain themes that happen over and over again expressed in various forms.

Industrial medicine and industrial agriculture have in common the idea that things will attack the health of a body or a farm and the solution to keep the body or farm from being destroy is to kill that which is attacking. That is the purpose of pesticides and drugs that kill bacteria and viruses.

But there is another way. We know it well in organic farming and gardening. In the care of health it is known as terrain theory.

Planting Life

Last Saturday Larry and I spent the afternoon planting seedlings. Our garden this year is more that twice the size it was last year. The photo is only less than a quarter of the entire garden.

This activity was so emotionally uplifting for me, considering the state of the world today, I had to write a poem.

Waking With the Birds

For the past week or so, something extraordinary has been happening. Well, extraordinary for me.

As someone who has had a lot of problems with sleep at different times throughout my life, I have suddenly been sleeping through the night, night after night. Quiet, peaceful sleep.

And not only that, I am waking up with the birds.

Cut-And-Come-Again Lettuce

Lettuce in the front has bee recently cut and is growing again, lettuce in the back is ready to harvest again.

Upon coming home from our road trip, we found our lettuce barrel was full of vibrant lettuce.

I was delighted to see this because I had been harvesting lettuce daily before we left by cutting leaves with gardening scissors rather than pulling out the entire lettuce plant as I had done in years past.