The Strength of My Body

Larry and I have just returned from spending two weeks in our Utopia.

It is very wild and rugged there on the Northern California coast. The mountains literally rise right out of the ocean.

This was our third trip there and each time we explore new areas.

On Saturday we explored a park that we thought just had a lighthouse, but we found a wooden stairway down a cliff to a rocky beach with many tidepools.

Circadian Rhythm: How An Inner Clock Connects Your Body With the Cosmos

It may seem like we are individual bodies wandering randomly through our earthly environment, but in fact, our bodies are closely regulated by an inner clock taking cues from the cosmos.

The results of this cosmic connection are “circadian rhythms,” the 24-hour cycle of biological processes that have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi, and even cyanobacteria.

This natural, internal process regulates the sleep–wake cycle and repeats on each rotation of the Earth roughly every 24 hours. It synchronizes the body of the organism with the daily cycle of the sun and can refer to any of the 24-hour rhythms that are driven by the circadian clock.

Being Alive

After almost two months of lying in bed doing very little other than keeping my broken knee from bending, reading, and thinking, today I am noticing feeling alive again.

What that means for me is wanting to actually DO things again. I am wanting to create and communicate with the world, rather than be in my own inner world of focusing on body repair.

I’m mentioning this because there is a definable state of aliveness.

What I Learned About My Body While Healing My Broken Kneecap

It started on on 19 July 2020, when my body tripped and fell and my left kneecap broke. I had never broken a bone in my body before.

It tales eight weeks for a bone to heal. So I’ve basically been lying in bed for the past eight weeks. Tomorrow I’m starting four weeks of physically therapy, and then I should be able to walk again—at least around the house. I won’t be climbing Mt Everest any time soon, but I should be able to walk around the farmer’s market instead of having Larry push me in the wheelchair.

The first week was just about dealing with the pain…

The Terrible Tangle of Food, Health, and the Economy, and How to Break Free

I’m going through an interesting shift right now that I want to share with you because I am coming out of an industrial orientation with this subject and into lifeliness.

I have had a lifelong struggle with overweight with this body…
This alternated with trying various weight loss diets of all sorts, which resulted in losing some weight but did nothing to re-orient me to a different way of eating or a new understanding about food, so I would just go back to eating whatever I wanted to eat and gain the weight back, plus more. This is the cycle for millions of people in the world today, particularly women.

It seems that in our modern industrial culture, food is considered something to be enjoyed rather than something that nourishes our body.

How Our Human Bodies Are Like Gardens

In our ongoing exploration of the industrial world and the world of Life, we find that there are certain themes that happen over and over again expressed in various forms.

Industrial medicine and industrial agriculture have in common the idea that things will attack the health of a body or a farm and the solution to keep the body or farm from being destroy is to kill that which is attacking. That is the purpose of pesticides and drugs that kill bacteria and viruses.

But there is another way. We know it well in organic farming and gardening. In the care of health it is known as terrain theory.