Gardenista + Remodelista

Gardenista and Remodelita are two intertwined blogs that share the theme of “considered living.” While I haven’t seen a definition of this term, what I glean from these blogs are to consider design, beauty, nature, and ethics in every aspect of your home.

I first subscribed to the Gardenista newsletter probably when it started in 2012. It’s “the definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces” but much more. If style was their only interest, I wouldn’t open almost every daily newsletter. But this “team of garden obsessives with a mission to demystify outdoor design” wants to create “well-loved and well lived-in landscape.” Garden to them is not a place to admire from afar, but a place in which to live. I love them because not only do they know what they are doing with design, but they also have this underlying aspect that agrees with us, like kitchen gardens, artisan-made wares, and design within the ecosystem instead of bulldozing what is natural and replacing it with industrial plantings. Though I don’t always agree with them, we are close enough in philosophy that I never tire of seeing what it new with them.