Our New Home

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve moved into our new home!

Well, “moved in” is a relative term. We’ve moved out of our bedroom in Larry’s mom’s house and have moved our things into the new space on her property, but it all still needs to be organized.

And “home” is also a relative term. It’s a home in that where we are living now is our home where we have control over everything that happens there instead of living in someone else’s home. and part of it we actually own.

We are now in a new phase of our transition from living in a regular house to living in a tiny house. Three years ago we intended to come here to minimize Larry’s belongings and then decide where we wanted to live. But when we arrived, it was clear we needed to stay and now it’s been three years instead of three months.

Now we have purchased a motorhome to convert into a tiny house we have done the demolition of most of the interior, and, as of last Saturday (full moon) we have been sleeping in our tiny house! read more about our tiny house adventure at Tiny House Toxic Free.