California Wildfires—A Burning Example of Why We Need to Go Beyond Industrialization

Late Thursday afternoon Larry and I decided to drive up the Sonoma County coast from Bodega Bay to Timber Cove to have dinner.

As we drove we noticed something in the air over the ocean. Was it mist? Was it fog?

I started to have difficulty breathing and felt nauseous. Granted we were on a winding road, but I’ve been on this road my whole life and have never been carsick.

By the time we reached Timber Cove, it was almost sunset. They wouldn’t seat us outdoors “because of the fire.” Ah, yes. Now this all made sense.

Independence from Industrialization

This year Independence Day means more to us than celebrating the independence of the United States from the tyrannies of the rulers of Great Britain. In a very individual way we are celebrating our independence from industrialization with our Lifely blog.

This morning I realized that in all the years I’ve celebrated Independence Day, I had never looked up the meaning of the word “independence.” It was one of those words I thought I knew the meaning of, but actually, it turns out that I didn’t fully understand it at all.

Beyond Industrialism

We live today in a world defined and designed—and polluted—by industrialism.

We were all born into a society where our survival is based on obtaining money in order to purchase goods made by others. This is a human-made artificial world that operates on its own assumptions and laws that are quite different from how the rest of Life functions. As a result, the process of industrialized manufacture and the consumer culture that has arisen from it are—by their very nature and design—in conflict with Life.

Industrial and consumer activities, as they are now, are headed toward complete destruction of our planet.