Our Perfect Hotel Room Right on the Ocean


After we gave up our reserved cabin at the campground because it just wasn’t right, we then needed to find accommodations on the fly.

We started driving down Highway One, stopping in each town to see what was available. These are very tiny towns and all accommodations are privately-owned. Many are $300 or more per night.

As we approached Point Arena, suddenly our cell phone internet reception kicked in and we were able to use an online service to find a hotel. There was only one hotel. But it was right on the ocean! Just what we wanted!

Exploring Westport

The impetus for coming on this particular trip was to explore the very tiny town of Westport.

We had driven through for the first time just about a month ago as we were taking an alternate route home from our Utopia.

As we drove through we were charmed by the small village of Victorian-era houses and buildings and wanted to know more.

So when it was time for Larry to choose a birthday present, to explore Westport was what he asked for. How could I refuse? I wanted to know more about Westport too.

Unexpected Art on Glass Beach

One of the things Larry wanted to do for his birthday was spend a lot of time walking on and exploring beaches, so our rule was at least one beach walk per day.

After driving all day on the first day, we hadn’t had our beach walk and we were in Fort Bragg, so we went to Glass Beach.

Glass Beach is famous because in times past it was the garbage dump at the edge of town. Decades later the beach is filled with colorful bits of glass from broken bottles, tumbled smooth by years of ocean waves.

But what delighted me about this beach was driftwood carvings of animals that are part of the habitat of the beach.

The Power of Not Accepting Something That Just Isn’t Right

For Larry’s birthday, I had reserved a “cabin” in a campground/RV park.

This was the first time I had ever reserved a cabin and chose the deluxe cabin with a deck around it because it was Larry’s birthday.

When we arrived we found that the cabin was simply a box with a roof and two beds inside.

There was electricity but no water.

Toilets and coin-operated showers were “nearby” but when we went to investigate we found that the facility for our cabin was being remodeled. There was no shower at all, the toilet was a porta-potty and the sink was a hose. There was no hot water available to wash our hands after using the porta-potty.

There was a working facility on the property but it was so far from our cabin we would have to drive there to use it.

This is not what we were expecting.

A Lifely Alternative to the Ubiquitous Plexiglas Covid Shield

While driving to Westport for Larry’s birthday, we took a shorter inland route going north rather than driving slower Highway 1 both ways.

Highway 128 is very scenic with many vineyards.

I wanted to go that route because there is a store in the town of Boonvile that I love called Farmhouse Mercantile. They don’t sell online, but they might ship. Their purpose is to sell to their locals and to the weekend tourists who are wine tasting.

The reason I am writing this post is because when I walked up to the register to make my purchase, the covid shield wasn’t plexiglas…it was an old glass window.

Larry’s Spectacular Birthday Trip

Where Ten Mile River meets the Pacific Ocean on Highway 1 in Mendocino County, California.

Last week we spent three days on the road celebrating Larry’s 67th birthday.

Along the way we had some lifely experiences we want to share, so we are posting each one as a separate post.