Our Local Gravenstein Apple Fair—A True Harvest Fair Rooted in History and Community

Our sweet and juicy vintage LOCAL Gravenstein apples. If you want one, you have to get them here because they don’t ship well.


Almost two years ago I followed Larry to Sebastopol, California to live with his mother after his father died. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Though I was willing to give up my comforts and preferences for him to help take care of Mom, it turned out to be the biggest blessing for ME because this is just the right town for me to be living in.

Terroir: The Taste of Place

This drawing from www.winetube.eu shows at a glance the four influences of terroir.

While in Portland last week, Larry and I stayed in the wonderful Hotel Deluxe. Not only was it a beautifully renovated hotel from 1912, with the greatest service ever, but they also have beehives on their roof and sell the honey to hotel guests. Well, how could we not come home with two jars?