How We Experience Love

It’s coming up on Valentine’s Day this Sunday so we wanted to write about love.

First, though, we want to say that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the usual industrial way. Roses from the industrial floral industry and industrial chocolates are not important. For more than thirty years we have celebrated Valentine’s Day by spending the day together celebrating our love. The most important thing to us is to give each other time and attention doing a shared activity we both enjoy.

For us, love goes beyond physical attraction or intellectual agreement. It is a spiritual connection that truly is infinite and eternal. We really do live in love from day to day. We have loved each other for thirty-three years and expect to love each other for the rest of our existence. We just go through daily life in the context of the love we share.

Unexpected Gifts

When I was a child, Christmas gifts were a big deal.

My mother put up a gorgeous Christmas tree every year—a copy of a tree she had seen in a fancy department store in New York City. And under the tree were gifts and gifts and gifts. My brother and I each had twenty or thirty gifts. And they would be opened one by one and each gift passed around for all to see. Yes, it took all morning, and no, I don’t come from a wealthy family. My mother just saved up any and everything we needed starting in September or so, so some of the boxes contained underwear or socks or crayons…whatever she would have given us in the course of daily life, she instead waited until Christmas and put it in a box. And she wrapped every single one with beautiful paper and ribbons.

We did our part to keep the industrial economy going every Christmas.