Life-Giving Gifts

While Larry and I practice our lifely principles every day in every way we can think of and actually do, for us this extends to gift-giving too.

And while we no longer participate in “obligatory” gifts, we do give meaningful gifts to a small group of people close to us, and when we do give gifts we take the opportunity to give gifts that are “life-giving.”

A life-giving gift is one that contributes positively to the life of the recipient and also to all Life.

One year, long ago, for example, I gave everyone a bag of organically-grown oranges. They were new at the time and I had just had a life-changing experience of actually tasting an orange for the first time that didn’t have chemicals sprayed on the skin to retard mildew. It was actually one of the contributing factors for me in my switch to organic food and I wanted everyone I knew to taste the difference. I attached a little note making it clear these were organic oranges and explained why they were special. Everyone loved them. It provided a pleasure for the recipients and supported the life of the Earth. I still like to give food as gifts, particularly foods I’ve handmade myself from organic ingredients. It just encourages recipients to eat in a more life-giving way.

Carter & Co – An Embodiment of Our Lifely Philosophy

Yesterday Larry and I needed to go to the small town of St. Helena, California, to pick up my medical records from the hospital where I went to the emergency room after I fell and broke a kneecap last July.

It gave me an opportunity to visit, for the second time, a small shop called Carter & Co, which is on the main shopping street. I first found this shop last June, when we visited St. Helena to celebrate my birthday.

When I walked into the store yesterday, The first thing I saw was a table with a large—I think wood, I wasn’t paying attention to the details—flat bowl with an abundance of paperwhite narcissus bulbs, each one showing its aliveness by just spouting an inch or two. Next to them were several bulbs in containers that were already forced and showing their flowers, so you could see the end result of these sprouting bulbs. Without using any signage, you could see what you would get in the future if you purchased these bulbs and grew them yourself.

Shopping on Etsy

A few weeks ago I made a purchase on Etsy. I just received it a few days ago and am so happy with it, I wanted to tell you about it.

I’ve been shopping more online lately because I just can’t find anything I want in stores. More often than not I come home frustrated and empty-handed, and then I order it online and it comes right to my PO Box. It didn’t used to be this way, but it’s the way it is now with the pandemic. I have to buy things sight-unseen and I have to wait, but I have been getting what I need and want…eventually.

I had been wanting a linen robe to wear around the house since I moved here three years ago. Just a simple kimono robe with a tie and patch pockets.

On Becoming a Lifely Gardener

Our newly-planted half-barrel edible garden. We still need to add handmade bamboo supports.

For the past couple of weekends, Larry and I have been occupied with setting up our organic garden for this summer.

Last year we saw at our a local organic nursery where they had planters sitting on old pallets, which gave them drainage and also elevated the planters to a higher level that is easier to reach than bending over all the way to the ground. Since Larry has an old back injury, we decided this would be a good way to set up our half-barrel planters.

We use planters instead of planting directly in the ground because there are gophers here, and using planters is just the easiest way to protect the plants.

So last weekend we went down and bought potting soil and manure in plastic bags.

And during the week we started buying vegetable seedlings.

Organic Cotton Face Masks from Naturpedic

Now that the wearing of face masks in public places in mandatory by law, I decided it was time to get a face mask that was really workable for me instead of just tying a cotton bandana around my head.

And just in time, Naturepedic began making face masks out of organic cotton.

I received mine last week and love, love, love it.

It is quintessential Naturepedic—organic, well-designed, and comfortable.

Earth Day Stamp

Just found out the US Postal Service issued a stamp for Earth Day.

I love it!