Life Without A Car

Last week in SHIFT: Setting Up For Success I told a story I about how we came to be without a car.

On Thursday morning, Larry and I went out to the car to go do an errand and it wouldn’t start. This is now the second time our Prius has not started just out of the blue. This had just happened a couple of months ago (see Small Town, Big Help). Now we had no car.
On Friday Larry decided to ask his sister if he could borrow her car. Now this car had just been sitting there for two years not being driven because it needed to be registered and smogged. So we took the car down to the DMV and paid the back registration and late fees and took it to get the smog test, but it wouldn’t pass! It was 4:00 on Friday afternoon and no smog tests are open over the weekend, so we couldn’t drive that car either.

As it turned out, on Monday we also couldn’t get the car smogged and it needs some kind of unknown repair.

So now we were really left without a car, except to borrow a car from other family members, which doesn’t solve the problem of us not having a car.

We have been without a car now for more than a week. While at first it was difficult because we live in a rural area without public transportation, taxis or Uber, we actually have learned a few useful things from this experience.