My Favorite Water Filter Brings Tap Water Closer to Water in Nature

On this blog we’ve been talking about whole food, so I thought we should also look at the idea of whole water.

Just like industrial food does not contain all the nutrients and other aliveness factors that make wholefood so enlivening, so too does industrial water—from the tap or the bottle—not contain the minerals, oxygen, and other factors present in the water found in natural ecosystems.

Tap and bottled water does contain nutrients that are naturally occurring minerals/electrolytes, but the problem is, they are mixed with contaminants. Improperly water treatment techniques (reverse osmosis, distillation, de-ionization) strip the nutrients out.

The difference between wholewater and tap water is astonishing. The first time I drank water from a spring I was amazed at the difference. The first time I submerged my body in a natural body of water, I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to soak that water into my body for hours. This happened on the Caribbean Island of Domenica, lying in one of a set of cascading pools with fresh water continuously pouring in from the pool above, in a jungle, at a location where I had been take by a guide. Very unspoiled environment.

Having had these experience with wholewater as Nature provides it, processed and treated industrial tap water, whose primary concern is that it be free of bacteria, is hardly the same.

The Relationship Between Water and Trees

About ten days ago, the big story here in California was the announcement of extreme drought here, and in particular here in Sonoma County, where Larry and I live.

For me, this is not unusual, but this year seems to be particularly bad. We had hardly any rain over the winter and, in fact, we have had hardly any rain for the past four years we have been living here.

I remember as a child huge storms. And as an adult, I experienced storms so heavy that tree came down and creeks flooded.

Most people see this as a problem of Nature and consider that we humans have nothing to do with it. But we do.