Sir David Attenborough Says There is Still Time To Save the Human Species

Larry and I have mixed feelings about Netflix. There are times when we can’t find anything of interest to watch and other times we find some of the best programs we’ve ever seen.

One of the best programs is a Netflix original documentary David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet in which the iconic broadcaster recounts the 93 years of his life as he watched the degradation of the planet over his lifetime. As always there are many clips of gorgeous footage of the natural world. But by the end of the documentary, Larry and I could see through our own eyes how rapidly the planet has been being destroy even in our own lifetimes of 65 years.

Attenborough established without question that the cause of this degradation is the industrial lifestyle and production methods of industrialization. He makes the case for Lifely very clearly.

Re-creation on the Rugged California Coast – Part 1

This week Larry and I have been housesitting for our friend Joseph and taking care of his cat “Kitty” while he is away. I wrote about visiting Joseph a few months ago in [Seven Dramtic Validations of Our Lifely Viewpoint: Finding My Own Utopia}= [Utopia]= and now we are back in this wonderful place.

I just wanted to give you some idea about what it’s like to live in this place out on the rugged edge of the California coast and also tell you some experiences we are having.