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Celebrating WInter Solstice

Debra Redalia



Today is the first day of Winter Solstice.

I say “the first day” because Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day of the year, and the length of day is within a minute from day to day for a period of days. So I celebrate Winter Solstice for ten days instead of one.

For some years now, I take those Winter Solstice days off from my work and enjoy the depths of winter.

For me, that means reveling in the dark and cold while at the same time carrying forward the light through the time of darkness, as has been the purpose of Winter Solstice for I don’t know how long. The famous Yule log originally was a log large enough to burn all through the longest night, to carry the light of the sun through to the new year.

And it’s also about going to the depths within, looking at thoughts and feelings and my spiritual nature rather than focusing on the outside world. It’s a good time to rest and renew and plan for the year to come.

Last week Larry and I visited a friend of ours who lives near Mt Shasta. While it didn’t snow, it was c-o-l-d. Driving home the snowy mountain was visible but surrounded with clouds, giving the impression it was just floating in space. So beautiful.

We were in a very small town, with very little human activity, so it was very peaceful.

We slept in a little…well it wasn’t even a cabin, just a kind of shack usually used to sleep in on summer nights. So there was no insulation, no heat, no power…we couldn’t be any closer to nature. We were covered with sleeping bags and a down comforter and several wool blankets, so we were warm. There was a full moon on Thursday night. It was just so peaceful without electricity running through the walls and other people watching TV in the next room and cars driving by.

We’re wrapping things up from this year and preparing for next year.

It’s been a great 2019 and we’re looking forward to 2020. We have a lot to share with you.

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