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Changing Seasons

Debra Redalia

Today is the first day of spring, according to the placement of the sun. I know our calendars say that March 21st is the first day of spring, but ancient calendars based on celestial events have a different pattern.

Instead of the winter and summer solstices and spring and fall equinoxes being the beginning of a season (as they are on our calendars), the solstices and equinoxes mark the mid-point of the season. In old language, summer solstice is midsummer and winter solstice is midwinter.

The seasons don't begin and end abruptly, but rather they come and go gently, each one overlapping and blending with the previous and the next.

Around the times of the solstices and equinoxes, the seasons are in full swing and between the seasons are coming and going. So there are four seasons and four transition times.

Some years ago, a story emerged in my imagination, of the year being a romance between the Earth and the Sun.

At Winter Solstice, Mother Earth lies sleeping, dormant, waiting to be awakened by the kiss of Father Sun.


Halfway to the Spring Equinox, as Spring begins, Father Sun's rays begin to arrive and gently wake her.


At the Spring Equinox, there is equality between them, a union, with a purpose of creating life.


Halfway to the Summer Solstice, as summer begins, Father Sun brings life and light to the fertility of Mother Earth, and new life forms come into being.


At Summer Solstice, Father Sun is in his power and the union of Father Sun and Mother Earth is celebrated as the fruit of their union is harvested and made available to nourish all life.


Halfway to the Autumn Equinox, as Autumn begins, Father Sun begins to leave, and Mother Earth begins to prepare to rest, their purpose of renewing life fulfilled for this cycle.


At the Autumn Equinox, they are again equal, but this time preparing to part.


Halfway to the Winter Solstice, Mother Earth settles into her winter bed, restoring herself for Father Sun's next visit.


It continues to amaze and delight me that the same patterns of life occur throughout Nature, but in different forms. Whether I as a woman mate with a man or the Earth mates with the Sun, the opposites unite to create life.

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