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Pay It Forward

One day last week Larry and I were in a big box store. We had purchased a few small items we needed and had just put them on the conveyer belt at the cashier. I was in my wheelchair because of my broken kneecap.

While my items were moving down the belt, suddenly a woman stepped in front of me and placed her items on the belt between me and my items.

“Excuse me,” I said, “Those are my items the cashier is about to ring up. Could you move so I can pay for them?

“No,” she said, with a big smile, I am going to pay for them for you!”

This totally surprised me!

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Being A Team

Today is marks thirty-three years of being a couple. We’ve been through a lot together and have had our ups and downs, but today we are happier than ever and our relationship keeps getting better and better.

In this post, we are sharing what we’ve learned about being a team. We’ve each written a part and together they convey the whole concept.

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Sustainable Marriage: How Living Together Sustains Life

This post is about how sharing a household as a couple contributes to sustaining life in a way that cannot be done by a person living alone.

About ten years ago I saved this clip. I don’t remember where it’s from.

The fastest growing type of household in Canada is the single person. The new solo-living cohort are young (25 to 44), far more flush than the thrifty jar-reusing widows that once ruled the one-person roost and, the biggest consumers of energy, land and household goods. Now that their numbers are shooting up, people who live alone represent, what a sustainable development professor at University College, London, calls ‘an environmental time bomb.’ From washers to toasters, singletons burn through just over twice as much energy per capita as those who live in a four-person household. A provocative thought.

But this week, when I searched on “sustainable marriage” I could find nothing. Oh, there were articles with the title “Sustainable Marriage” but they were all about sustaining the marriage itself, not about how marriage sustains life.

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World Cooperation

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A few days ago, Queen Elizabeth gave a moving speech to the UK about getting through the covid-19 pandemic.

Though these are difficult times for us now, I thought of the Queen and many others who endured World War II. As we are sheltering-in-place and walking around with wearing masks, I remind myself it could be worse. At least we don’t have planes flying overhead dropping bombs and destroying our cities.

If anyone on the planet today knows, the Queen at age 93 has been through more than her share of world conflicts and has come through them. For me, she is a living example that difficulties do end and life goes on.

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The Power of Collective Love

For about six months I’ve been on Marianne Williamson’s mailing list as she has been working to capture the Democratic party nomination for President. I haven’t written anything about this because it’s not my position to feature one candidate over another, but now that she is no longer in the race, I want to share with some of what she is saying.

I also want to say that I read one of her books many years ago. so I knew who she was. I just purchased her two books on politics—Healing the Soul of America and A Politics of Love—because she does bring a spiritual view to politics that is in alignment with our Lifely viewpoint, and I want to learn from her many years of experience on this subject. More will be coming on how politics can be lifely as we advance in this year of a Presidential election.

But I give you this introduction only because I want to speak to you on a subject prompted by an email from her, and that subject is collective love.

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Tandem Bicycles, Cooperation and World Peace

Yesterday we went on our first tandem bike ride to an actual destination

After Larry had a heart attack last November, he was sent to rehab, which involved supervised exercise three times a week while being hooked up to machines that monitored his heart. Since he was going, I thought I would go too. I did the same aerobic exercise program—which included a standard exercise bike and a bike that also exercises arms at the same time—without the heart monitor.

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uite simply, this blog is about orienting ourselves and our lives to life, instead of orienting ourselves and our lives to industrial consumerism. Here we are sharing our own journey. You come too.

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Debra & Larry Redalia
lifepartners + soulmates

For more than 30 years we have been delving into the nature and activities of life together. Indeed, this has been and continues to be the very reason we are together. With delight we research, explore, observe and even wake each other up in the middle of the night to discuss how life functions and how we can function as life—even while living in the modern world. We each are different from the norm, but we are different in the same way, so we have been able to think outside of the ordinary together and find the extraordinary workings of life.

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