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Protecting Your Health in Our Soon-To-Be Post-Covid World

If all goes as planned, here in California we will have full reopening of everything on June 15, after a year of living with covid restraints.

It’s still unclear if and what restraints there will be and for who, but my concern as a individual and a writer is how to live in this post-covid environment.

Larry is now fully vaccinated. Last week he had his second shot and basically spent all week in bed with pain at the site and complete exhaustion. But he’s fine now. I have not been vaccinated and do not plan to get the vaccination.

I just wanted to share with you what we will be doing to continue to protect our health from covid and other possible viruses and contagious illnesses.

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Our Decision About the Coronavirus Vaccine

A reader wrote to me asking for help making a decision as to whether or not to get the coronavirus vaccine.

So I thought I would share an edited version of my response to her here.

My personal position on this since the beginning has been to support my immune system and wear a mask, etc. Larry and I pretty much stay within a very small circle in our community and don’t go to gatherings with unknown people. Every day we go to a our small produce stand down the street, and I go to a chiropractor now and physical therapy. We occasionally go buy lumber or something as we build our tiny house, but that’s it. We have very little exposure to others. When we do have to be out and about, we wear our masks.

So far so good.

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Mother Nature Slams the Oil Industry With Covid Pandemic

Last week the New York Times reported that, collectively, the oil industry lost tens of billions of dollars in 2020 due to…covid-19. A virus has brought the most powerful and most polluting industry to its knees.

“The pandemic was largely to blame,” said the article. “It sapped demand for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel as countries and states locked down and people stayed home. But such painful years could become more commonplace as growing concerns about climate change, tighter regulations, and the rise of electric cars and trucks force a reckoning for an industry that has dominated the global economy over much of the last century.”

To make matter worse for the oil industry, General Motors also announced that they aim to do away with internal combustion engines altogether and sell only electric cars and trucks by 2035.

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Science Shows Wearing a Mask Makes a 50% Reduction in Covid Cases

I mentioned this study a few days ago at the end of It’s Up to Us to Protect Ourselves From Covid and End the Pandemic
but then I saw the graph above and wanted to show it to you too. I had to click through several links to get this, so didn’t want to assume you found it.

It’s kind of hard to read this graph, but see there is a red line and a blue line. The red line goes up and up while at the same time, the blue line levels out over time.

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It’s Up to Us to Protect Ourselves From Covid and End the Pandemic


White House Announces They are Focusing on Therapeutics and Vaccines so Americans Don’t Die From the Virus, Rather Than Taking Measures to Control It

Over the weekend, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on CNN, “We are not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas.” minute 1:54 on this video

This has given us a perfect opportunity to compare an industrial response to a situation with a lifely response.

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Securing Our Health as The Covid-19 Crisis Continues

At the beginning of this year, Larry said, “Oh, it’s 2020—it must be the year of seeing clearly with 20/20 vision.”

I think he was exactly right. Though this year has been one crisis after another, each crisis is bringing to view something we need to learn on the level of how we live together as a society, and what we need to do to sustain our individual lives within the context of our communities, our government, and our ecosystems.

The past couple of weeks has been even more intense than the past few months. Covid-19 pandemic numbers are exploding all over the USA while at the same time we are finding out more about corruption in our government and wondering how we are going to open our economy and allow our children to go back to school.

Where do we start?

Of all the problems that need addressing, it is clear to us that health is #1. So that is what we are going to address today.

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The End of the Pandemic—A Personal Shift

Just as a butterfly shelters-in-place in it’s cocoon and then emerges and flies in all it’s glory, so to are we emerging from our shelter-in-place with the opportunity to discover new aspects of ourselves and create a new lives.

The week before last, I had a major personal shift. I struggled to write about it and thought I had a finished post, but it didn’t feel right. Now I see there was more to the story, so here it is now.

On 29 April, I had a stunning realization: the industrial news organizations were broadcasting death. Every day we were getting reports of ever-increasing numbers of cases and numbers of deaths. And we are told how horrible this is and it’s all very dramatically reported in the new media. But they didn’t ever tell us how many of those stricken with the virus had recovered. [In fact, most sources of covid-19 statics didn’t include the recovery statistics, though we did find one source in particular that did.]

The thing is, this constant barrage of bad news about the pandemic only reinforces it. Because what we put our attention on is what happens.

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Organic Cotton Face Masks from Naturpedic

Now that the wearing of face masks in public places in mandatory by law, I decided it was time to get a face mask that was really workable for me instead of just tying a cotton bandana around my head.

And just in time, Naturepedic began making face masks out of organic cotton.

I received mine last week and love, love, love it.

It is quintessential Naturepedic—organic, well-designed, and comfortable.

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Tracking Covid-19 in your Country, State, Across the USA, and Around the World

This morning I found a very helpful tool that I want to share with you.

It is provided by The New York Times. You need to create an account to access it, but it’s free and you don’t need to subscribe.

NEW YORK TIMES Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak

For every state in the USA, there is a page with a map and a case count. But further it gives cases and deaths by county both in actual numbers and per 100,000 people. Plus a bar graph updated daily that shows if cases are increasing or lessening.

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Empowering Information from Dr David Price on How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

Earlier this week I learned of recommendations made by Dr. David Price, a critical care pulmonologist caring for CoVID-19 patients all day in NYC at Weill Cornell Hospital. He says:

[This information is] incredibly empowering.
As I’ve been in the hospital over the last two days,
the thing that makes me smile is

I actually know now that I won’t get this disease.
Because I know how to protect myself.

Click on the video at the top of this post to watch the full 57-minute version.

When I watched this video a few nights ago, I decided to get up the following morning and type up a summary to make it easier to get this information out into the world. You can read my notes below, but please also watch the video if you have time.

This is the single most useful source of information on Covid-19 that I’ve seen. Dr Price is treating patients with CoVID-19 in the ICU every day and speaks from his firsthand experience.

This is the data everyone needs to know now, so please pass it on to others.

As of Thursday morning, officials said 1,941 people had died in the state of New York, with 83,712 positive CoVID-19 cases. More than half of those cases are in New York City. Now on Saturday afternoon, the numbers are 3,565 dead, with 630 dying in the past 24 hours.

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How Covid-19 Is Changing Our Lives for the Better

I chose this image because I wanted to show light and happiness going on inside the house even if it was surrounded by darkness. It’s from a website called Moon to Moon which is “a place to share chilled out, unfussy homes, perfect for slow living.”

For the past two weeks we’ve been following the shelter-in-place order, so for this period of time we have basically been staying home. There’s actually nowhere to go because everything is closed except for grocery stores and pharmacies, and restaurants that are offering take-out.

We do go out to a grocery store almost every day. We only buy food for a day or two, so we can have an excuse to go to the grocery store the next day. We have a PO Box, so we have to go to the post office every few days as well, and we go to two different farmer’s markets on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but aside from that, we stay home…

But since we can’t go anywhere or do anything, I have a lot of time to do my creative work. I’ve had a big burst of creativity, like going on a retreat. I’m working intensively on our lifely websites, finishing incomplete formatting and content so I can get all the planned lifely websites operating and expanding…

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Shelter-in-Place: An Opportunity for Time for Ourselves

Here in Sonoma County, California, it’s Day 2 of mandatory shelter-in-place, which means we are required to stay in our own homes except for “essential” trips out for groceries, pharmacy, banking, and other such things. I did go out yesterday to pick up my mail from my PO Box, buy some food, and go to the bank, but I had to have my doctor appointment over the phone because the medical clinic is closed. The order is through April 7, but could be extended as long as the government feels it is necessary.

At first this was surreal. Life as I knew it had stopped. Most stores are closed. I can’t go to a restaurant or a movie. A friend had to postpone his trip to the East Coast because his flight was canceled. I don’t have children, but if I did they would be home with me 24 hours a day. It was like everything outside of my own home and it’s inhabitants had just disappeared.

And I resisted having my freedom to move about in the world taken away by the government.

But once I got over the disorientation, I realized what an opportunity this is. Instead of gaining our bearings from the world at large, it’s an opportunity for each one of us to be self-determined and orient our lives to ourselves and our own values.

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How to Support Your Immune System

The mainstream media is giving us all kinds of ways to prevent exposure to the Covid-19 virus, but I havn’t seen any recommendations about how to support your immune system. So I’m going to give you some tips here on how to keep your immune system strong and functioning, to protect your body from Covid-19 and any other virtuses and bacteria that may come your way.

Your body is already equipped to protect you from viruses of all kinds, but your immune system needs to be in good working order.

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Pure Body Liquid Zeolite—Removes Heavy Metals and Supports Your Immune System

If you’ve been reading my work as Debra Lynn Dadd for any length of time, you know that I’ve been a big fan of Pure Body Liquid Zeolite for years. I’ve been recommending and taking it myself since it first became available. From my own experience and feedback from my readers, I can confidently say taking it daily is one of the fundamentals of health living in today’s world.

Zeolite, a natural mineral, is uniquely suited to remove toxic chemicals. Tiny bits of negatively-charged zeolite act like little magnets to attract positively-charged particles–which include 99.9% of heavy metals, radiation, and organic chemicals–so they can be removed from your body via your kidneys.

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