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Cut-And-Come-Again Lettuce

Debra Redalia

Lettuce in the front has bee recently cut and is growing again, lettuce in the back is ready to harvest again.

Upon coming home from our road trip, we found our lettuce barrel was full of vibrant lettuce.

I was delighted to see this because I had been harvesting lettuce daily before we left by cutting leaves with gardening scissors rather than pulling out the entire lettuce plant as I had done in years past.

By using this “cut-and-come-again” method of harvesting, more leaves continue to grow and continue to grow, giving an abundant yield from one plant.

I wanted to tell you about this, not only as a gardening tip, but as a basic lifely principle. When we take resources in such a way as they can continue to grow and produce, then we sustain the availability of those resources. When we harvest in a way that eliminates the resource altogether, that’s the end of it.

This applies to lettuce and forests, and even money. Even relationships. Thoughtful harvest keeps life growing.

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