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Designing as Nature

Debra Redalia

I used colors throughout my websites that were specifically inspired by nature. The website where I found this picture actually has a color pallette taken from these flowers.

When I began to work on the new design for my websites, my professional graphic designer asked me about my “design style.” Having never worked with a professional graphic designer before on a project from beginning to end, I didn’t know what to say. I have preferences, but I had never thought of it as a foundation to work with, from which a design emerged.

After drawing a blank, the next day I did start thinking of things, like the design of my home, the clothing I choose and the basic guidelines I have chosen for my life.

And I started scribbling:

  • plain and simple
  • beautiful
  • eclectic (this is my home decorating style)
  • natural
  • orderly
  • harmonious

I knew I preferred colors that come from Nature and are soft, not bright,

I wanted everything to be clear, now ambiguous.

I wanted everything to be true and honest about what it is.

Everything needed to function and have a function - no frivolous decoration, just function with good design.

As I thought of it, my design sense really is a combination of Amish, Shaker, and Arts & Crafts—all nonindustrial designs that come from communities with similar lifely ideals.

Having made my list I didn’t think of it again, but as the design emerged I could see these qualities embodied.

There is a passage from a book I am quite fond of in which the author refers to a cherry tree and asks how a cherry tree would design, in his case, a building.

As I am finishing up the design I am asking myself, how would Nature design a website?

And I was happy I could say, “Pretty much like I did.”

And I am deeply satisfied that my website design is an expression of me and Larry. It looks like what we are.

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Debra & Larry Redalia
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For more than 30 years we have been delving into the nature and activities of life together. Indeed, this has been and continues to be the very reason we are together. With delight, we research, explore, observe, and even wake each other up in the middle of the night to discuss how life functions and how we can function as life—even while living in the modern world. We each are different from the norm, but we are different in the same way, so we have been able to think outside of the ordinary together and find the extraordinary workings of life.

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