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Do Not Disturb...Ecosystems

Debra Redalia

Some years ago, while Larry and I were driving to Miami to the International Mango Festival, I was reminded of a trip we took a few years earlier to the Florida Keys, for we traveled the same route. We were living in Florida at the time and very much enjoyed exploring that tropical environment.

In Key Largo, we stayed in a cottage on a private beach, with a little cove of shallow water, The water was as warm as a bathtub and perfectly calm.

Just before dusk, we went snorkeling and then decided to lie in the water and watch the stars come out. The water was just the right depth that we could lie on the bottom and have the water completely cover our bodies, but not our faces.

As we laid there in the quiet twilight, covered with water, a motorboat with a water skier suddenly passed by. Though the boat was a good 100 yards away, the noise broke our reverie. The large wake produced by the boat raced into our little cove, disrupting the serenity of the moment.

I didn’t like it. And my next thought was, “The fish didn’t like it either!” And probably the sponges and the seaweed and the little crabs and all the other sea creatures were annoyed as well.

How different are the effects of engines on the aquatic environment, from the slow glide of a swimmer or a kayak!

Experiencing the disruption of modern technology while being fully immersed in the ecosystem made me more aware of how our human actions might be experienced by other species.

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