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Everything Begins with a Single Step

Debra Redalia

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
— Tao Te Ching

As I am working on writing the “big picture” Larry and I are addressing with Lifely, I am reminded of the quotation “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Indeed that is important to remember when we wish to make a change as huge as moving from an industrial society to one based in Life—it’s all about each of us making those “single steps” day-in-and day out, learning new information, making different decisions, and it all adds up to a big change in the world.

I experienced this concept in a different context a few days ago when I was listening to Yo Yo Ma play Bach’s Six Cellos Suites all in one sitting on YouTube. This is a magnificent feat of virtuosity to play even one, but he played all six back-to-back with only one short break mid-way.

During the break, it was mentioned that Yo Yo Ma first began to play these suites on his cello at age four—two measures at a time. Now sixty years later he is performing music with a level of understanding and skill that comes only from a lifetime of familiarity.

And this is what happens with any subject. I have many times started to learn a new subject by taking a single step and having that single step turn into mastery.

The first step is always simple becoming aware that a subject exists and making a decision to find out more.

Ha! As I am sitting here preparing the image of a single step to post, I’m thinking, “I’m taking a single step right now by writing this post, and others will take a single step by reading it, and some will take a single step by mentioning the concept to others…and this is true for every post I write…and soon these ideas will be common in the world.”

Single steps set off in a direction. And one single step followed by another single step takes you to any destination you choose.

I’m smiling now. We're on our way. 🙂

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