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Exploring Westport

Debra Redalia

Westport, California


This post is part of Larry’s Spectacular Birthday Trip:


The impetus for coming on this particular trip was to explore the very tiny town of Westport.

We had driven through for the first time just about a month ago as we were taking an alternate route home from our Utopia.

As we drove through we were charmed by the small village of Victorian-era houses and buildings and wanted to know more.

So when it was time for Larry to choose a birthday present, to explore Westport was what he asked for. How could I refuse? I wanted to know more about Westport too.

It turns out that in the mid-1800s, Westport was a key port for the logging industry. It was one of the only places boats could dock to collect logs from redwood forests. And so the town still has buildings from it’s heyday, and homes have dates they were built prominently displayed.

But there is not much there. A convenience store, a blacksmith shop, a hotel with a restaurant that has great reviews (but isn’t open right now due to covid). The big attraction of Westport is the quiet, the rugged environment and the beaches. No cell phone reception. Just a peaceful little place out in the wild, but only 13 miles from civilization.

It’s way too expensive for us and there is virtually no housing stock or land available. The one pending house on the market is uninhabitable without major restoration just sold for $345,000.

But the town is charming, charming, charming and it has a wonderful little private beach in a cove that you will never find unless someone tells you how to get there. Fortunately the one realtor gave us the secret.

We are really falling in love with this rugged coastal area of California. Every time we come here we don’t want to leave. We’re looking now for an ecosystem that we love, not a town with industrial amenities. We just want to be in Nature.

We also had the idea that we could live in various places and remodel houses while living in our tiny-house-on-wheels. There are many uninhabited houses in need of repair, and we have the skills to do that.

Many possibilities seem open to us now for our next step, which we are sure will open to us when we are ready.

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