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First Sign of Spring—Daffodils

Debra Redalia

The first daffodils inspired me to wear my yellow organic cotton socks in solidarity.


Last Saturday, after going to the farmer’s market, Larry and I were walking by Trader Joe’s and there was a big display of cut daffodil buds—the season’s first. Only $1.49 for 10 stems, with a nudge on the sign that said, “At this price, there’s no reason not to buy 3 bunches (or more)!

Now here in Northern California, sunny yellow daffodils are one of the first signs of spring. Since I’ve lived here all my life (except for 15 years in Florida), daffodils are deeply ingrained in me. Trader Joe’s knows daffodils are loved here, so when I see the daffodils at Trader Joe’s, they have to come home with me.

We followed the advice of the sign and bought three bunches so we could have a generous display and brought them home. But I was already starting to fade from an approaching intestinal flu that hit that night, so I went to bed.

The next day I suddenly remembered the daffodils. Larry by now was beside me in bed with the same flu. “Where are the daffodils?” I asked. “Did you put them in water?”

He groaned that he had.

When I finally was able to get up and go to the kitchen the next day, I found them sitting in a couple of inches of water. I didn’t have a vase of the correct size or shape, so I put the daffodils in a canning jar which was perfect. And I brought them in the bedroom with us.

It took a couple of days for them to open, but suddenly there was this vibrant yellow bouquet and a fragrance that I didn’t know daffodils had was wafting over to our bed. They were calling us to look at them and admire their beauty.

And they were beautiful. Actually this is the most beautiful vase of daffodils I’ve ever had. When I put the flowers in the canning jar I noticed that the length of stems was different on each bunch. Too sick to cut them to an even length, I had just put them in the jar as they were. And now I had a brilliant profusion of flowers that had arranged themselves perfectly, more like how they would be in a field, each at their own height.

For several days now we have been enjoying the beauty and fragrance of these daffodils. Their yellowness inspired me to find my yellow organic cotton socks and wear them in solidarity as harbingers of the coming renewal of life.

Being aware of the changes in life around me and celebrating the arrival of the seasons throughout the cycle of the year is one of my greatest pleasures and an activity that keeps me aligned with the natural world.

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