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Free Stuff

Debra Redalia

I’m working on a post about how Larry and I get things we need outside of the standard consumer outlets and industrial system. But two things happened in the last few days that were so extraordinary that I wanted to tell you about them.

I was reminded of something I read many years ago from Deepak Chopra. He said something like, “Here’s how it goes. I say I want a strawberry ice cream cone and very soon someone walks by with a strawberry ice cream cone and said ‘Deepak, do you want a strawberry ice cream cone?’” Just the way he said it made this really stay in my mind. Because that really is the way it happens, in my experience.

In Life, what we need is provided for us all the time. Before there was industrialization, before there was commerce, people just went out in the environment and took what they needed for free. Life provides a whole system that supports every living organism. I’ll write more about this, but for now…

It started on Saturday morning. The previous day I had said to Larry, “This household really needs another washing machine.” We have only one washing machine for five adults. And the very next morning we were driving just down the street between our house and the main road and there was a washing machine on the side of the road with a sign on it that said, “FREE.”

It turned out that it ran well but needed a new part. It wasn’t anything Larry couldn’t fix. So we brought it home. It really was less than 24 hours since I said, casually. “We need another washing machine.”

Then Monday morning Larry and I were talking about how easily we got the clothes washer and I said, “Maybe we should just consider that we can get anything we need for free and just bypass money altogether.” I didn’t put any thought into how that might happen or where we might look for free things, only that it might be possible that we could get things we need without money.

Later that morning we finished setting up a new bookcase unit I had purchased. I was so pleased to have more bookshelves that I said to Larry, “I think I want to buy another set of bookshelves and put them over there,” pointing to a spot where there were boxes of books piled up that were not in a bookcase.

Larry agreed I should have another bookcase and suggested I buy another set of bookcases like the ones we had just assembled.

We were having this conversation as we were walking out the door to go to the storage locker to bring more books into my office. It was quite clear I needed more shelves so I could have easier access to my books on subjects related to Lifely that have been packed away for two years now.

I also needed lunch and asked Larry to stop at a store where I could pick up something for lunch.

Larry is a very good driver and usually follows my requests, but this time he didn’t. He just drove right past the store! When I pointed this out to him, instead of making a u-turn, he turned left on a street with a sign that said “NOT A THROUGH STREET.” We had never turned on this street before and had never even noticed it before.

Suddenly Larry said, “Debra! Look! A free bookcase!”

Indeed there was a bookcase sitting in someone’s driveway with a sign that said “FREE” on it.

It wasn’t a perfect bookcase. But it was an acceptable bookcase that met my needs on a temporary basis in my temporary office. And it was free.

In the system of Life, everything each organism needs to thrive is provided by the system in which it lives. There is no money. Money is a manmade construct. All is provided by Life through cooperation and interaction of each species doing its part.

There’s much more to look at here about this concept and how to apply it in our lives, but for now, I just want to acknowledge this is the way Life works [she said with a smile and twinkle in her eye].

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