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Gardenista + Remodelista

Debra Redalia

Gardenista and Remodelista often intertwine, as in this table in a garden from Remodelista.

Gardenista and Remodelita are two intertwined blogs that share the theme of “considered living.” While I haven’t seen a definition of this term, what I glean from these blogs are to consider design, beauty, nature, and ethics in every aspect of your home.

I first subscribed to the Gardenista newsletter probably when it started in 2012. It’s “the definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces” but much more. If style was their only interest, I wouldn’t open almost every daily newsletter. But this "team of garden obsessives with a mission to demystify outdoor design” wants to create "well-loved and well lived-in landscape.” Garden to them is not a place to admire from afar, but a place in which to live. I love them because not only do they know what they are doing with design, but they also have this underlying aspect that agrees with us, like kitchen gardens, artisan-made wares, and design within the ecosystem instead of bulldozing what is natural and replacing it with industrial plantings. Though I don’t always agree with them, we are close enough in philosophy that I never tire of seeing what it new with them.

One recent post was Is Your Houseplant Eco-Friendly? New Sustainably Grown Plants from Bloomist. Here you can learn about house plants grown to sustainability standards set for the international flowers and ornamentals industry.

I just found Remodelista last week, from a link in the Gardenista email. Again, I felt agreement. Where Gardenista is all bout the garden, Remodelista is all about the home. Just my kind of home. Remodeled to bring existing homes back to life. "Our style is minimalist but not monastic. We choose thoughtfully designed products over mass-market, disposable goods.” They quote my favorite quote from William Morris “Have nothing in your houses that you so not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” We’re on the same page, but again I have to say, there are some products I wouldn’t choose for various reasons, but enough that their work delights me and I find things I like. They just are great at using space and materials beautifully and effectively to make the most of the space you have.

I want to show you an experience I had over the weekend, where I clicked on a link and ended up at Obakki.

And from there I found Groceries Apparel. Each deserve their own post, so please click through on their links and read on.

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