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Hand Lettering and Watercolors

Debra Redalia

Because I was “forced” away from my desk by the fire evacuation last week, I had plenty of time to wander around San Francisco and explore anything I wanted to explore.

So one place I went to was my favorite art supply store, Flax. Now last time I went to Flax it was a huge store filled with all kinds of papers and leather binders and pens of all types—just an art supply wonderland. While in the past I wasn’t the type of artist who draws or paints, the materials themselves always inspired me, especially all the papers.

Alas, today that palace is gone, but they do still have a store with many lovely art supplies and accessories. And because I had time with nothing else to do, I could spend as much time as I wanted to just look at everything.

I found myself most interested in the book section, and in particular books on hand-lettering. I have always loved beautiful letters but didn’t understand the various types and styles of handwriting, calligraphy, and hand lettering. It turns out that hand-lettering involves actually drawing the letters instead of writing them, so it’s like drawing a flower but you are drawing a letter.

I ended up buying three books about hand lettering, two books about color, a book on drawing and a book on watercolors.

Something just woke up in me that I could do this.

When I first started Lifely I wanted hand lettering and I also wanted hand-drawn illustrations, and I wanted to make them myself. I want my hands on my lifely websites. And because there was a fire and an evacuation I came to San Francisco and found the books I needed to find the art that will come from my own hands.

I just love this.

I didn’t have watercolors, but the watercolors at Flax didn’t speak to me. The next day I found out why and was happy I didn’t buy them.

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