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How Our Human Bodies Are Like Gardens

Debra Redalia

This image is from an interesting art installation called Human Nature , in which nature and man merge into one. The artist seems to miss the point that humans are actually in fact part of the whole system of Nature and not separate from it, but I like the works he has created.

In our ongoing exploration of the industrial world and the world of Life, we find that there are certain themes that happen over and over again expressed in various forms.

Industrial medicine and industrial agriculture have in common the idea that things will attack the health of a body or a farm and the solution to keep the body or farm from being destroyed is to kill that which is attacking. That is the purpose of pesticides and drugs that kill bacteria and viruses.

But there is another way. We know it well in organic farming and gardening. In the care of health it is known as terrain theory.

Instead of assuming that the germ causes disease or that the problem is that pests eat plants, both organic gardening and terrain theory look at the condition of the plant or the body. Both consider that which is being attacked as a living system and acknowledge that what determines it’s survival is the ability of the system to maintain the stability of homeostasis when attacked by unfriendly organisms.

Both organic gardening and terrain theory focus on building the resilience of the living system, so that any external threats will not overcome the system.

This means understanding that your body needs nutrition, detox, exercise, sleep and other supports on a regular basis to main its system, just as a garden needs fertile soil, clean water, sunshine, and other inputs to build a strong system. When we give our bodies and gardens what they need to build strong systems, then each can hold their own when faced with an invader.

Terrain theory is coming more and more into practice as alternatives such as functional medicine become more and more available.

Here I just wanted to show you that terrain theory isn’t a theory at all. It is an observable way of Life.

WESTON A PRICE FOUNDATION: Germ Theory Versus Terrain: The Wrong Side Won the Day

This article has more information about germ theory, terrain theory, and why germ theory is dominant today.

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