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How to Support Your Immune System

Debra Redalia

The mainstream media is giving us all kinds of ways to prevent exposure to the Covid-19 virus, but I havn't seen any recommendations about how to support your immune system. So I'm going to give you some tips here on how to keep your immune system strong and functioning, to protect your body from Covid-19 and any other virtuses and bacteria that may come your way.

Your body is already equipped to protect you from viruses of all kinds, but your immune system needs to be in good working order.

You can boost your body's immune power by NOT doing a short list of things that weaken it:

1, Don't eat refined sugar.
2. Don't drink alcohol.
3. Don't go without sleep.
4. Don't get too stressed.
5. Don't take antibiotics unless you need them.

But the biggest danger to the immune system is day-in-and-day-out exposure from toxic chemicals in consumer products that are found all over the average home. Buy and read Toxic Free to reduce the toxic chemical exposures you have in your home.


For information on how to strengthen your immune system, I'd like to point you to the transcript of a Toxic Free Talk Radio show I did where I interviewed Pamela Seefeld, a pharmacist, about colds and flu: . We talked about viruses.

Here are some ways you can support your immune system so it can do its job to control viruses:

  • Eat vegetables and fruits that  regulate and up-regulate t-cell activity to go to find viruses (You need to have oil, some kind of fat present on the vegetables to be absorbed)
  • Control stress
  • Exercise in moderation
  • Take the herb Andrographis
  • Take coconut oil
  • Take Pure Body Liquid Zeolite

You can read more details about all of these at

It’s Cold and Flu Season—How to Support Your Immune System and Why You Shouldn’t Get a Toxic Flu Shot

Here's what I am doing personally to strengthen my immune system.

Every morning now I am drinking a quart of water with
* a whole dropper of Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Liquid Zeolite
* a swig of Honey Gardens Elderberry Syrup with Raw Honey, Propolis & Elderberries

I’ve tried many elderberry products and I like this one the best. Delicious to drink, too.

In addition, there are foods that suppport your immune system as well.

According to WebMD, these are the top 16 foods that boost your immune system:
  1. elderberries
  2. button mushrooms
  3. açaí berry
  4. oysters
  5. watermelon
  6. wheat germ
  7. yogurt (it’s the probiotics, so any fermented food as well)
  8. spinach
  9. tea—white, green, or black
  10. sweet potato
  11. broccoli
  12. garlic
  13. miso
  14. chicen soup
  15. pomegranates

Each one of us has the power to strengthen and sustain our immune systems by the choices we make every day. With a functioning immune system you can have the confidence to walk through any environment and be well protected. Your body is designed to be healthy.

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