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In Its Own Time

Debra Redalia

For the past month or so I have been on a mission to write a book about my experience with a diet known as the Rice Diet. It was given to me in 2016 when my left eye went blind due to diabetic retinopathy. One of my readers, actually—a retired ophthalmologist—sent it to me saying “Do this diet to save your life,” but there were no instructions. Since I did all the research and worked out the diet and did it and saved my right eye and my life, I felt a responsibility and a joy of wanting to share my experience so others who, like me, were overweight and had uncontrolled blood sugar and couldn’t find a solution, could benefit too.

It wasn’t that much to write, so I announced I was writing it in my Wholefood Cuisine newsletter and then I started to write.

I didn’t think it would take long but as I began to write, I had more and more insights about what I wanted to say, until it eventually became a 75-page ebook, which is about 150 pages if it were a 6x9 print book.

Of course, days and weeks are going by and I’ve made this announcement and have no book to provide to my readers.

But finally, this past week, it was done. I could tell it was done because I slept through the night and had nothing more to say. A whole day went by and there was nothing more to add.

Larry and I had read the manuscript about half a dozen times and there was nothing more to correct.

I felt complete.

What I learned from this was that creative work takes its own time. I knew that before actually, but hadn’t had the experience of trying to fit a creative project into a deadline that I had imposed on myself.

Creative work is an expression of Life and it needs time to flow and simmer and reflect and experiment. It’s not a machine.

I got to a point last week where I just didn’t send another newsletter that said, “Well, I’m working on it.” I just let my newsletter schedule go by the wayside and did the creative work. And the result was…if I say so myself…a work of art. Because I let it come forth at its own pace, in its own time.

When it was all finished and I had presented it to the world, I reflected on how our world runs on machine time and not on life time. Our meal times, for example, come from meal time breaks for factory workers, not when we are hungry or when the food is ready. I’ve actually never written a book that didn’t have a publishing contract with deadlines.

I now am publishing four newsletters. After decades of thinking I needed to produce a newsletter every Tuesday and organizing my life around that, these four newsletters get sent when I have something I want to say and it is ready to be said. They are life driven instead of industrial schedule driven.

And this makes me very happy.

See my new ebook Rice Diet Revival at

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