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Living in the Natural Order of Things

Debra Redalia

On Saturday morning, when our car that needed repair wouldn’t start, Larry and I rode down the hill into town on our tandem bike to buy food and do other errands.

One of our stops was a local supermarket that has a pharmacy where Larry gets his prescriptions filled.

They also make fresh sushi there, including a vegetable roll that I love. I like to buy one roll and take it home and arrange all the pieces on top of a bowl of brown rice and have that for lunch.

While Larry was getting his prescription filled, I was just walking around the store, wanting to buy sushi but wondering how I was going to get it home in a backpack on a hot day.

I was just pondering this when Larry walked up and handed me the bag that contained the purchase he had just made so I could put it in the backpack he was carrying on his back.

The bag was heavy and cold.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s an ice pack to keep my insulin cold.”

An ice pack!!!?!?!!?

The pharmacy had never offered Larry an ice pack before, but on this day, as I was wanting to keep my sushi cold on the bike ride home, the pharmacist gave Larry an ice pack. Of course.

This is not random chance. This is an orderly universe that responds to the needs of living organisms.

And it did not require any special efforts.

All I did was want to protect the freshness of the sushi while carrying it home in a backpack and the means to do that appeared. Within minutes.

This is the natural state of all human beings to live within this natural order. We all have this ability inherent within us. This is the way Life is designed to be

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