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Metro Hotel: Spending the Night in Lifely Lodgings

Debra Redalia

As I mentioned in Sleeping Under the Stars, Larry and I have not been sleeping in our bedroom for a couple of weeks, but instead have been sleeping outdoors on the deck, under the stars.

But on Sunday morning 80 percent chance of rain was forecast for that night, so we had to find somewhere else to stay. Our only choice was to get a hotel room.

So over the course of the day, I took breaks to hunt online for a hotel room, but all the places I wanted to stay were too expensive and all the places I could afford were too toxic and cookie-cutter. The thought of sleeping in any of those hotels just wasn’t making me feel alive.

At dinner, I just snapped and said to Larry, “I think we should just go get a $500 hotel room and be done with it!” Of course, I wasn’t serious, but that’s how I felt.

After dinner, I went to my computer. Instead of checking the hotel booking sites, I search for “Petaluma lodgings.” I wanted a charming boutique hotel in an old building that was also affordable. If any nearby town would have one, it would be in Petaluma, which is known for it’s renovated historic buildings.

And I found one in two minutes.

Metro Hotel is wonderful in every way. First it’s in an old renovated building so the floors are wood and the ceilings are high and our room even had a claw-foot tub. All the furnishings are simple and vintage and everything is quirky, fun, colorful, and French, French, French.

In the lobby there is a narrow winding staircase that looks like it came out of a flat in Paris. Everywhere you look there is something interesting to look at. They even had a yellow tandem bicycle, which we could have taken for a rider if it wasn’t raining. and several spiffed up AirStream trailers that are rented out as rooms.

* reclaimed building and furnishings
* independently owned
* creative and fun and lifted our spirits
* excellent customer service

And probably many more things I can’t think of at the moment. Spending the night there made us feel happy and alive and refreshed and ready to face the day. And isn’t that the very definition of alive?

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