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More on Daylight Saving Time: Altering the Continuum of Time

Debra Redalia

On Sunday morning I woke up and realized I didn’t need to know CLOCK time—I could observe the morning light to know that night was ending and morning was beginning.

But last Sunday morning civil manmade clock time had shifted so it was no longer aligned with natural time. I woke up to darkness at 6:30 Sunday morning where on Saturday there was approaching light of morning.

Daylight Saving Time interrupts the continuum.

The chart below clearly shows this (thank you Disney). Note from March through November the line block of daylight hours makes a big leap in the sunrise and sunset time. The block shows the actual daylight plotted against the manmade time. Our human lives run on the natural time, but we are forced into government imposed manmade time.

Our human bodies are aligned to natural time. So too should be our activities.

Looking for the above graph, I found this charming depiction of day length throughout the year drawn by a child who may not even be aware of Daylight Saving Time. This child as accurately drawn natural time with their human activities within it. Charming, charming charming. We could each make a drawing like this.
Nature exists as a structure with laws. If we follow Nature’s design and laws, human activities can be aligned with each other and with all of Life.

Daylight Saving Time is arbitrary and manmade, separate and disconnected from Nature and should be discontinued.

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