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My Autumn Trees

Debra Redalia

Here in Sonoma County, California, we have a lot of trees. We have natural forests and many trees that have been planted.

I live at the end of a lane where some trees are native and some have been planted, but regardless of their origins, during the autumn season I have noticed a parade of color through October and November as the leave come to the end of their cycle and begin to fall to the ground.

This morning the red trees began to show their color. As we were driving home from our morning errands, I was noticing the trees (how could I not—they were so doing their best to attract my attention!).

And suddenly I said to Larry, “What is the name of that tree?”

Larry knows many trees so he told me.

I realized that this was now my fourth autumn riding down this street and I didn’t know the names of the trees. I knew they would change color, but in the summer I could not point out a tree and say oh that’s a maple tree and it will turn red in mid-November. [As I write this I’m getting this picture in my mind of painting aerial views of my drive with the trees in their colors week by week for the autumn months.]

Suddenly each tree is becoming an entity in it’s own right to me. As I walk or bike past, I want to say hello as I would to a human neighbor. I want to get to know them. I want to know how they are doing.

I don’t need to know the names of every tree in the world, but I do want to know my “neighbor trees.” And now all my other neighbor plants and animals too.

It’s raining today so I can’t go for a walk, but I’m going to start taking photos of my trees and identify their names and get to know them.

This is making me feel very happy.

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