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My Favorite Water Filter Brings Tap Water Closer to Water in Nature

Debra Redalia


When I used to recommend nontoxic products as Debra Lynn Dadd, one of the most important products I recommended was water filters.

Water is one of the basic essentials of life, and tap water contains many toxic chemicals that your body can easily absorb. That’s why I personally have used a water filter in my home since 1978, in fact, my father created the first shower filter at my request at that time, when none were on the market.

I have been reviewing and recommending water filters since 1982. Over the past forty+ years I have learned a lot about water filters and evaluated more than I can count. And in all that time there is only one water filter I’ve found that stands above the rest. And that is because it takes tap water, removes toxic pollutants, and then transforms it into water that is closer to water found in Nature than any other filter I’ve ever seen.

I became aware of PureEffect in 2012. When I saw the PureEffect Filters/Revitalizers, it was immediately obvious to me that they are in a class by themselves. Even though I already had a water filter in my home, I starting using a PureEffect instead and continued to use it through most of 2017. [For full disclosure I will tell you that I am not currently using this filter because I am living in someone else’s house and do not have control over the filtration. But as soon as I can, I will be getting another PureEffect filter.]

Because I cannot find a better filter, PureEffect is the only brand of water filter I have been recommending since 2012. I have received many emails of thanks and high praise for this filter, and zero complaints. 

A Small Family-Owned Business in the USA

PureEffect Filters is a small, family-owned and operated water filtration business, located in in the state of Wyoming, USA. Their filters are currently used worldwide in more than 27 countries.

Igor Milevskiy, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, has more than 20 years of experience with water chemistry. His interest began with his hobby of aquarium fish-keeping, which required meticulous attention to various water characteristics and later turned his water interest to comprehensive research of various drinking water filters for his personal use.

After discovering that there was not an “all-in-one” filter that intelligently addressed the contaminants of greatest concern in our water today, Igor began to develop what would become one of the most advanced water filtration systems for residential use.

Since 2009, Igor has been passionately making and perfecting water filtration systems with an obsessive focus on quality and innovation. Today he is joined by his brother Serge, who is the Operations Manager of the business. 

Igor (right) and his brother Serge make the best water filters I know of in beautiful Wyoming.

“Natural clean water is a human right (not a luxury), given to people by Nature’s Creator, and that no one should have to endure contaminated and medicated drinking water against their will.”

“This is why we create water filtration systems that are simple, elegant, and extremely effective at reducing the widest possible range of common contaminants.” 

PureEffect Filters Remove the Toughest Contaminants of Concern at an Affordable Price

All PureEffect water filtration systems are "well thought-out, hand-assembled precision machines,” designed to address the toughest contaminants naturally, without electricity, without wasting water and without stripping the water of it’s necessary minerals and electrolytes.

They effectively filter out:

  1. Radiation
  2. Drug Residues
  3. Fluoride
  4. Disinfection Chemical Additives
  5. Disinfection Chemical By-Products
  6. Heavy Metals
  7. VOC’s
  8. Agricultural Contaminants
  9. Microbial Cysts
  10. Viruses/Bacteria
  11. Sediment


Naturally Pure “Whole” Water

PureEffect filters do more than just remove toxic pollutants—they also adjust the quality of the water to help restore your tap water back to it’s “naturally pure” state.

PureEffect filters can make the water that enters your body “whole” and "nutritious" again by adding back in nutrients found in water from pristine environments. The result is:

  • Acidic tap water becomes more alkaline. Unlike water ionizers that use electricity and metal plates to change the pH of the water, PureEffect filters creates a natural alkaline effect patterned after the cycle of water in nature. As water flows through earth and over riverbeds, it picks up minerals and electrolytes along the way.
  • Toxic contaminants and particles as small as bacteria are removed, while allowing ionic minerals and electrolytes to pass through. This results in water that tastes fresh, bright and clean.

Another unique aspect of the PureEffect Filtration Systems is the filter cartridges are arranged in proper scientifically-determined sequence. Contaminated water touches specific filter media for specific amounts of time before it exits the system.

Read more about whole water at WHOLEFOOD CUISINE: WholeWater Goes With Wholefoods 


All of the PureEffect media cartridges are Made in the USA and are never sourced from China. All filter components are custom manufactured from the purest quality materials:

  • Stainless Steel Spouts
  • Purified Lead-Free Brass connectors, diverter valves and faucets
  • NSF Certified, BPA-Free & Phthalate-Free Food-Grade SF Certified, BPA-free and phthalate-free food-grade polypropylene (PP) housing and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing.

Igor has developed industry-leading proprietary technologies to remove pollutants from the water in your home. These are combined in various ways in the different filters.

  • ANTIRAD-Plus removes radioisotopes, heavy metals, chlorine and chloramine, pesticides, and VOCs. It contains
    • Patented KDF55 media
    • Food-Grade Activated Zeolite
    • NSF Certified Advanced Catalytic Activated Carbon
  • FLUORSORB MAX removes fluoride down to non-detectable levels. It contains
    • Activated carbon
    • Naturally occurring form of calcium
  • SUPERBLOCK carbon removes a “super wide range” of volatile chemicals and, micro-organisms and particles, plus bad taste, odor and discoloration. It contains
    • A blend of two types of High-Performing Catalytic Carbon


Independent Laboratory Analysis

There are tens of thousands of contaminants in our modern society. Many of them are relatively easy to remove even by regular activated carbons found in most filter systems. Some chemicals, however, stand out as particularly challenging to remove and therefore
serve as a good benchmark of advanced filter performance. These primarily include fluoride, chloramine (ammonia + chlorine) and uranium.

As such, PureEffect has conducted Independent Lab Analysis for these chemicals with exceptional results. Click below to view.
(requires Adobe PDF viewer installed, can be downloaded here)

  1. Fluoride Test
  2. Chloramine Test
  3. Uranium Test
  4. Output Water Screening (confirming no contaminant leaching from filter media/components themselves)

“We truly love what we do, and build water filter systems which you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come.” 

Types of Water Filters Available

PureEffect has a full line of water filters for every need in your home:

  • countertop
  • undercounter
  • shower filter
  • whole house

Their newest model removes Microorganisms (Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites) Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chemicals and Nano-Particles.



How PureEffect Filters Meet My Standards As a Lifely Product

This filter performs a valuable service of removing toxic chemicals from tap water that can cause illness in humans. Further, the technology also makes the water more like water in its natural state in Nature.

In addition:

  • the logic and design is based in Nature
  • the owner is knowledgeable and passionate about his field and is motivated by good results and quality of product
  • the filters themselves are assembled and inspected by humans at a facility that has minimum impact on the environment
  • It is a family-owned business.

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