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My New Lifely Filing Cabinet

Debra Redalia

Last week Larry decided I should have a locking filing cabinet. I didn’t think I needed one, but he thought I did, so he started looking for a used one online. He found one, but I didn’t like it and didn’t want it. I just don’t like metal filing cabinets and never have. I go out of my way to store files in baskets, in racks on the wall, and other ways. I just don’t like metal filing cabinets. And I really don’t have room for one in my office.

It was Wednesday when I said no to the metal filing cabinet.

On Thursday we were driving to San Francisco and wanted to stop at our favorite nursery in Petaluma. But we didn’t know which exit to take from the freeway. So we took the exit that would take us to the back road we usually take to drive there.

This back road goes right by our local dump, which also has a wonderful store that sells items brought into the dump that really should be “recycled” instead. Larry is looking for a mitre saw and wanted to stop there, so we did.

As he was looking for a saw, he found something else.

“Look at this,” he said, pointing to something made of wood that had other things piled around and on top of it.

What was visible was the fronts of two wooden drawers. But they weren’t dresser drawers, they were filing cabinet drawers.

Larry removed everything around it and pulled it out so we could take a look at it. Indeed it was a solid wood two-drawer filing cabinet made with grooves at the top of the sides of the drawers to accommodate hanging file folders. And it had little wheels on the bottom so you could slide it in and out from under a desktop. And it had a lock. No key, but a lock.

I loved it! It was made of all natural, renewable, biodegradable materials. Larry could clean it up and give it another life and customize it however I wanted it.

And it was only $10.

Of course it came home with us.

This was a lifely purchase because:

* it is nontoxic (any finish that might have been on it originally has long since outgassed)
* we gave a new life to an existing product instead of buying a new one
* our money went to a local recycling business
* it was made of renewable, biodegradable materials
* it is aesthetically pleasing and will give me joy every time I use it
* it has a function that fulfills a need I have
* it will help me bring order to my workspace

This is a product that is outside of industrial production and outside of the industrial economy. And it will bring beauty and function to my home better than any filing cabinet I could have purchased at an office supply store for 10 times the price.

I had no idea that wooden filing cabinets existed, but Larry found one anyway. After finding mine, I checked online. In fact, there are many. If you want one, just search on “unfinished wood filing cabinet.” Or look around for a used one wherever you live.

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