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New Recommendations for Best Covid Masks

Debra Redalia

With the increase of covid cases and deaths, and a new President, there is an increase now in the recommendation to “wear a mask.” So I wanted to pass along a post about masks that I received this past week. 

Choosing, Using, and Making Masks

Consumer Lab posted a new post this week How can I buy or make the best mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus ?

With the shortage of medical masks, they show how "you can create a mask that may be as effective as a medical mask and, in some ways, similar in blocking efficiency to an N-95 respirator (although not a replacement for an N-95).”

They discuss the details of masks and how to make them, along with scientific data on the effectiveness of masks to reduce exposure to covid virus, best materials to use to make a mask and a review of the best cloth masks you can buy “that appear to meet the WHO requirements).

This is quite a long post and includes a comparison of the effectiveness of various face coverings often used instead of a mask, such as cotton bandanas and neck gaiters, and tips on what to do about eyeglass fogging while wearing a mask.

Some Cautions About Wearing Masks

While it is important to wear a mask when in public places, keep in mind that masks can reduce the amount of oxygen that you inhale. This is particularly important for children with growing bodies. I only wear my mask when I go into a store or other essential place where I am around others I don’t know, and where it is mandated by local authorities to wear masks. And I spend the minimum necessary time doing those activities.

Also, remember you are breathing your own recirculated air when wearing a mask. Again this is a reason to only wear a mask when necessary. The best protection is to simply avoid situations where it is necessary to wear a mask. 

Most of the day I am at home breathing fresh air and Larry and I often go to the beach where the air is very fresh and clean.

If you need to spend a lot of time wearing a mask, please balance that time with time spent breathing fresh air. If you can get outdoors to a forest or a beach where the air is not only clean but very fresh and full of oxygen, all the better.

The Best Protection from Covid-19
is to Support Your Immune System


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