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New Year, New Life, What Happened Over the Holidays

Debra Redalia

I chose this photo because I was looking for an image that showed the cold of winter melting but not quite to the point of the new buds of spring approaching. So melting snow was perfect. And a symbol of industrialization also thawing and melting away in the world, even though it is not yet completely transformed into flourishing life.


The last post I wrote for this blog was on 16 December 2019. And here it is 16 January 2020. Ha ha! I didn’t consciously know that when I sat down to write this. I had to look up the date of the last post.


A Lesson Learned

I was planning to restart this blog with a new post on Monday, 6 January, but as I sat down to write my computer responded by having a panic attack. Really. A notification window came up with many lines of code that started with PANIC. So I called Tech Support and they told me to shut it down and take it to my nearest Apple Store right away. They even made an appointment for me. I had to leave my computer with them for three days. But when I got it back, they had completely wiped its hard disk clean and put in a new system. I had to spend a day uploading all my data and programs from my backup, but my computer is now like new. All the nagging problems are gone.

I learned a lesson from this experience. I’ve learned this lesson before but I obviously needed to experience it again. The lesson is this:

Life will give you indicators something is wrong way before the system breaks down. Little indicators at first, almost imperceptible, then more and more and bigger and bigger until you cannot proceed without fixing the problem. And that applies to everything.

This applies to everything—computers, health, families, relationships, finances, businesses, governments, ecosystems and the whole planet—everything.

If I had heeded those early warning notifications and the quirky behavior of my computer, I could have handled the repair more quickly, without being without my computer for four days (I have a backup laptop, but it’s too small to work on websites that requires opening multiple windows at the same time). Fortunately, the computer pushed me to take it in before I needed to spend $200 on a new hard drive plus the labor cost to install it. My repair was free.


What I Did Over Winter Solstice

In one of the last posts of 2019—Length of Day—I wrote about how Winter Solstice actually a period of days surrounding a moment in time where the sun reaches an exact point in the sky. That period of time varies from place to place, for me it was from 16 December to 26 December.

For many years I have taken this time period “off” from “working” as a kind of “time out of regular life” to do something different.

This year, though I wasn’t planning to do this, I spent the entire Winter Solstice time working on our Sprits Bright website. Day and night for 12 days. I ate when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. Otherwise I wrote and wrote and designed and produced and did nothing else (except do a little Christmas shopping the day before Christmas and open Christmas presents on Christmas morning).

This was something we had been wanting to do for fifteen years, and we were finally able to do it.


And Then...Everything Shifted

Publishing our Spirits Bright website resulted in a seismic shift in our lives. Almost everything started changing. Some, like my computer breaking down, have already resulted in improvements. Others are projects still in progress, like finally getting our own bathroom in the house we live in with Larry’s family (I’ll be writing about that soon in Tiny House Toxic Free).

And some bigger things are presenting themselves that are challenging me right down to the core of industrialization vs life…forcing me to commit to figuring out the new llfely path instead of taking the known industrial path that others are wanting me to stay with. I’ll be writing more about this in the coming months as things unfold. For now, it’s all very new.

But the biggest thing is I’ve just spent the past week devouring a book that outlines what happened that led us to industrialization and why it persists. And the conclusion of this book is that industrialization is oppressive and destructive and the solution requires not fighting industrialization, like good-vs-evil, but rather transcending it to a whole new level of having a spiritual foundation of life.

It was such a validation for me to read this book. I had ordered it about six weeks ago when I was looking for explanation of how and why industrialization happened. But it was “delayed” and didn’t arrive until last Monday. That was the day my computer broke down so I had plenty of time to read it.

I had figured out on my own that we needed our spiritual abilities to transcend industrialization and everything that goes along with it, but this book was written by a biblical scholar and is filled with references from the Bible that exactly support what we are doing here.

I’ve included Sprits Bright in The Lifely Group not because I have a spiritual orientation, but because I see that restoration of our spirit abilities is central to solving the problem at hand. Our spiritual work is not about religion, it’s about the spiritual core that is as inherent to human life as breathing and eating and thinking. It’s a skill we all should have. And yet, it’s not widely known.

If you haven’t yet explored Sprits Bright or signed up for the newsletter, we want to invite you again to do so. It is simply a very practical spirituality that will awaken dormant spirit abilities that everyone has, but most are not aware of or using.


Coming Soon to Your Email In-Box

So here’s what I’m working on now.

I’m still in the process of establishing all six Lifely websites (all the links to these websites are across the top of every page).

Now that Sprits Bright is established, I’m going back to working on The Lifely Group website, which is all about the basic foundation information on which all the other websites are based. This will be my primary project until it’s done. I really need to establish this foundation so I can have a base from which to then determine the everyday actions to take and recommend.

While I’m working on The Lifely Group website, I’ll be continuing to send you Lifely posts every 7-10 days. I’ll be writing on subjects I’ve covered in the past, but also adding more about Lifely products, health, and other subjects.

I’ll also be continuing our Tiny House Toxic Free website with new posts. We’ve been on hiatus with that project over the winter, but we’re starting up again. So that will be coming if you are subscribed to that newsletter.

And then there are two more websites coming.

Words of Wisdom is a collection of quotations on the subjects of spirit and nature. I’ve collected more than 2000 quotations over the years. I’ll be posting all of them and sending them out in a quote-a-day newsletter, as I did many years ago.

And finally, I’ll be doing a new food blog called Wholefood Cuisine. This is about eating whole foods (with a more expanded definition of “wholefood”), plus what I eat, how I purchase and prepare food, visits to the farmers market, what’s in season and how to prepare it, and visits to organic farm-to-table restaurants in my area. I live in Sonoma County California, part of the world-famous Napa-Sonoma-Mendocino wine country, so food is a big thing here. For me it has all come down to seasonal-local-organic food, simply prepared, and delicious. And you don’t need a lot of cooking skill, equipment, or space. I’m preparing almost all our food in a kitchenette.

Anyway, there’s much more to come. Stay with us. Follow our journey, and add your voice via comments and Q&A (this is coming soon to Lifely).

Larry is calling 2020 “the year of seeing clearly with 20/20 vision” and that’s proving to be true already.

More soon…

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