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Our Decision About the Coronavirus Vaccine

Debra Redalia

A reader wrote to me asking for help making a decision as to whether or not to get the coronavirus vaccine.

So I thought I would share an edited version of my response to her here.

My personal position on this since the beginning has been to support my immune system and wear a mask, etc. Larry and I pretty much stay within a very small circle in our community and don’t go to gatherings with unknown people. Every day we go to a our small produce stand down the street, and I go to a chiropractor now and physical therapy. We occasionally go buy lumber or something as we build our tiny house, but that’s it. We have very little exposure to others. When we do have to be out and about, we wear our masks.

So far so good.

The key thing for me is to support my immune system, which is always a good idea. Here is a link to the post I wrote on this subject last year and it still applies: LIFELY: How to Support Your Immune System.

The last time Larry and I had anything contagious was November 2019. We had a very strange episode of something like intestinal flu, but very extreme. After the fact, we wondered if it was covid, and have had nothing since. About six months ago we both got a covid text and both were negative.

Larry and I often do the same things, but on the vaccine our decisions are different.

Since Larry has had a heart attack, he’s decided to get the vaccine because he has a higher risk. And I support his decision.

I’ve decided to not get the vaccine and continue my successful actions.

If I was an essential worker being exposed to the public, I might choose differently.

What it comes down to for me is that Nature provides our bodies with immune systems to protect our bodies from harmful exposures such as viruses. If our immune systems are working as designed and intended, our immune systems would handle covid. But most people have insufficient immune systems due to exposure to toxic chemicals in their homes and workplaces, poor nutrition from eating industrial food, smoking, recreational drugs, and the like.

Larry and I in general make choices to live according to Nature. Vaccines are an industrial product that is part of the whole industrial system of using industrial products to solve the problems of industrial lifestyle, rather than improving the condition of the living organism by living according to Nature.

It’s my preference to act with Nature first, but I have been known to take the industrial medicine route to save my life.

It’s your decision. Only you can decide the best route here based on your body condition and exposures.

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