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Our Perfect Hotel Room Right on the Ocean

Debra Redalia

This was the view from the deck of our room. There’s a little beach off to the left with tide pools at low tide. The ocean breeze came right into the open doors of our room and we could hear the rhythm of gentle waves. Very very clean Pacific ocean air.


This post is part of Larry’s Spectacular Birthday Trip:


After we gave up our reserved cabin at the campground because it just wasn’t right, we then needed to find accommodations on the fly.

We started driving down Highway One, stopping in each town to see what was available. These are very tiny towns and all accommodations are privately-owned. Many are $300 or more per night.

As we approached Point Arena, suddenly our cell phone internet reception kicked in and we were able to use an online service to find a hotel. There was only one hotel. But it was right on the ocean! Just what we wanted!

The Wharf Master’s Inn in Point Arena, California is a historic inn built on a cliff overlooking a small cove with a beach. It has charming Victorian architecture. Save & Exit

Our room had a deck overlooking the water and the beach and the cliffs. We could hear the waves from our room.

It was just beautiful and romantic.

There were no restaurants open, but there was a natural foods co-op so we were able to get delicious house-made organic items for a picnic in our room.

It was so wonderful that Larry and I are planning to stay there again when we just want time at the ocean.

Now if you are thinking you want to visit, the only drawback is they do use scented laundry detergent. I suggested that they switch to unscented, so we’ll see what happens.

But other than this, it was just perfect. And we got it at a discounted price because it was late in the day and they wanted to fill the vacancy.

Now if we hadn’t just said “No!” to the unsuitable campground cabin, we would have been there instead of in this beautiful hotel right on the ocean. Often it just takes a no or two or three to get to what is perfect.

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